Hospital VisitMature

I caressed the necklace around my neck and couldn’t stop the grin that stayed plastered upon my face. The amount of love that I felt for Wolf is so endless that
it seemed longer than the Earth itself more endless than a winters night. 
I wanted to jump with joy and shout to everyone that this man had given me such
a precious gift.
Almost as if he were giving me his heart, letting me know that I'm his and he's mine.

And in that moment I knew that nothing would stop my love for him, not his demonic side or activities. I don’t see how he thought that his soul wasn’t as beautiful as I saw it. Hell he’s nicer than my mother and she’s human!
He’s quickly become the most important person in my life, the thing I can count
The only one I can fully trust.

After having our breakfast in bed I begged Wolf to take me to the hospital to check up on Melissa instead of going to drama club. I currently
sat in the waiting room admiring the bland walls and my new necklace.

I was thinking of going for a walk when a tired looking young nurse wearing pink scrubs walked up to me a strained smile.

“She’s ready to you now Ms Riley.” She said politely

I thanked her and followed her to Mellissa’s room.

She held out her hand and gestured me into the room. I walked in slowly, taking
in the bright flowers and ‘get well soon’ cards and balloons.

Melissa sat propped up in the hospital bed, looking so fragile and nothing like the head cheer leader I had come to hate.

I noticed that her left eye was swollen shut and her bottom lip looked puffy.
She had dark circles under her eyes and she looked so weak that I felt my heart

How could Zane do something so horrible?

Then I remembered what Wolf told me. I sighed.

I slowly approached the bed and smiled at her.

She looked at me a smiled slightly.

“Hey.” She croaked.

“Hey. How you doing?” I asked as I stopped next to her bed and pulled up a chair and slowly sank down into it.

She grimaced.
“I’d be better if I didn’t have this stupid I.V in my arm.” She said as she held up her arm.

I winced at the sight of the I.V needle digging into her hand.

“Look’s sore.” I commented.

She laughed softly and nodded.

“Melissa I need to know what exactly Zane did you.” I said gently.

Her smile slipped away and her eyes became haunted.

“I don’t know. I was ranting to him about leaving me in a creepy place and I guess he just snapped. The  next thing I knew I woke up here with my dad telling me I was fine and my mum demanding me to tell het who did this to me.” She said with a small frown.

How could she not remember what had happened to her?
I was about to ask her when a voice spoke from the door way.
“Well this is cozy.” She drawled.

I turned in my chair and saw Denise leaning against the door frame with an
eyebrow raised in mockery.
“What’re you doing here?” I asked her angrily.

She laughed.
“Checking up on the patient.” She said smugly.

Melissa cleared her throat.
“Do I even know you?” She asked.

Denise grinned.
“No, but I know Zane. He’s very sorry about what he did.” She said past her

A skitter slithered down my spine.
“How do you know Zane?” I asked suspiciously.

She shot me one last grin and walked out of the room.

“Well that was weird.” Melissa said.

“Very weird.” I murmured.

I got up from my chair and followed Denise out. I walked out into the hall expecting to see her walking away but she was nowhere to be seen.
Almost as if she had vanished or walked into another room.

Looking around in confusion I tried to look for her but still no sight of her.

I shook my head and turned to walk to the front entrance.

I made my way back to the drama club where Wolf was to tell him about Denise and Zane and hope that he can give me some answers.

If there is any that is.

The End

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