What did I do?Mature

"We need to go find Zane to find out what wrong" Akira pressed me but I still didnt move she tugged at my sleeve. "Please, Wolf"

"No, Akira. I wont have you around him" I say turning away from her seeing the shocked look on her face. She moved round me again to stand in front of me a furious look on her face.

"Why not?"

"Cause I changed him!" I hiss. Akira freezes looking at me with such shock and fear it shatters straight though me. She begins to move away and I sigh heavily. "Akira.." I whisper reaching for her but she dodges my hand.

"Don't touch me" she whispers looking so scared.

"Akira, its my job" I whisper quietly knowing people are beginning to look. I turn to them. "All of you home!" I call and they all scurry out quickly. I turn back to Akira whose pacing and pushing her hands back through her hair.

"Oh gosh, its your fault" she whispers staring at me with terrified eyes. "Melissa is in danger cause of you"

I clench my jaw. "Its who I am, Akira" I say sternly.

"But its not" she gasps. "The Wolf I know if the one who caressed me so softly last night"

I look at the blush that rises to her cheeks. How it touches my soul. I watch the way she looks at me with eyes so full of belief that I'm such a beautiful creature that I have to blink. "Akira...." I whisper.

"You're better than this" she says sternly. I sigh and pull her into my arms burying my face in her neck. "You are, Wolf"

"I can't change, Akira. I need to finish my task"

She pulls away and looks up at me. "Then promise you'll stop" she begs. I sigh and stroke her cheek.

"I will try and find a way" I whisper and lean down to kiss her. "If you promise... to not give me grief about my nature"

She bites her lips and I stop her words with a kiss feeling her melt in my arms. When I pull away she sighs. "Fine, only if you try" she says looking like she could burst into tears.

"I'll try" I whisper and tilt her chin up. "Shall we get home?"


I fiddle with the clasp on the box when Akira lies asleep next to me. Its very early Saturday morning and I'm wondering whether to wake her with breakfast in bed. Maybe pancakes with hot cocoa and... and the necklace. I bite my lower lip and rise gently careful not to wake her.

I move to the kitchen quickly and work quickly. I plate up the honey pancakes and bring the back in to find Akira waking dazed. "Oh" she says her eyes widening at the sight of the tray. I place it in her lap wants she's sat up and she takes the food in hungrily and then her eyes rest on the necklace box. "Wolf.." she breathes.

I pick it up and open it for her watching her gasp. The necklace is white gold for the charm and the chain is silver. The charm is a small heart and Akira looks at me with teary eyes.

"Can you put it on for me?" she asks. I smile and do so. "How can you not believe yourself kind when you do things like this"

I fall silent and watch her eat occasionally getting a bite myself.

The End

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