I hadnt planned it but having Akira beneath me. Feeling her skin and the sizzling warmth. The passion and the love was overwhelm. I actually could feel my soul which had been cold and dark for so long. Then Denise turned up.

I let her in stepping aside. "So.... where is she?" she demands striding in.

"Who?" I question in a sharp tone folding my arms. She turns on me with a sneering face.

"I think you know who" she hisses back. "Little miss precious. She was in your car yesterday"

"I gave her a lift home" I say simply. She raises an eyebrow with a sneering smile.

"Yeah, sure. You gave her a lift past her house" she says rolling her eyes and leaning against the back of the sofa.  I step towards her so I'm glaring down at her. She looks back with a sharp gaze.

"Back off, Denise. My work here is going fine"

"Yes but you're begin to slack and..... reek of love" Denise says looking disgusted. I snap grabbing her neck and slamming her up against the wall.

"My work" I hiss. "Is fine" I let go and step back flashing my sharp demonic teeth she snaps her back and leaves, slamming the door very loudly. Shoot, I probably shouldnt of done that. I go to find Akira pacing and at the sight of me she throws herself at me for a hug.

I catch her and hold her tight briefly smiling. "What did she want?" Akira asks with a happy sigh as she holds me back tightly.

"Nothing" I mutter kissing the top of her head. She looks up at me and I smile before leaning down to kiss her. She melts as I do and a cherry blush comes to her cheeks. I pull back chuckling.

"Last night was amazing" she breathes blushing. I smile and lean down to kiss her again.

"I know" I whisper in her ear and kiss her pulling her back to the bed.


"How about we skip school?" I say as we lie beneath the thin covers. I twirl a strand of her hair round my finger and my other arm rests round her sholder. Akira looks up at me in awe and I smile at her seductively.

She shivers in my embrace and I smile even more. "Stop it" she says covering my mouth with her hand but I kiss her palm. She shakes her head smiling and moves it away.

"So.... shall we go out for lunch?" I whisper my breath brushing down her neck as I lean in close. The covers fall from my chest revealing my muscular form and Akira falls straight back into her awed staight. "Yes?"

"Yes" she says coming out of it and blushing. I chuckle and get up beginning to dress seeing Akira watching me. She lies in the bed hugging the covers around her.

"Arent you getting dressed?" I ask raising an eyebrow. I stand in only jeans still with no shirt she gestures to turn away and I roll my eyes doing so. "I've seen every inch of you anyway"

A pillow hits the back of my head and I chuckle before turning once she's called she's done. "How about I get you some clothes as well?" I say once I remember she only have her school uniform.

She nods and then I offer my hand. She takes it and we move out to go grab lunch. Lets just say she wont forget this date.

The End

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