I felt cool air on my belly as Wolf slid my top up.
My heart pounded against my rib cage and goose flesh sprouted upon my exposed
Wolf's heat seeped into me warming me to the marrow of my bones.
I put my hand on Wolf’s chest and pushed.
“Wolf I can’t.” I whispered.
He looked down at me and smiled crookedly.
“It’s okay. You’re safe.” He crooned to me softly.
I nodded jerkily and kissed him back.
A deep male rumble sounded in the middle of his chest and made me squirm as it vibrated against my hand and torso.
I slid my hand around his shoulders and tugged at his shirt.

He leant back and quickly discarded his shirt.
He picked me up and carried me toward his bedroom.
He lowered me onto his bed gently and hovered over me on his elbows.
I buried my hand in his hair and smiled a tremulous smile.

“You can trust me Akira.” He whispered against my lips.

“I know.” I whispered back.

“Good.” He said and kissed me deeply.


*   *

The sun was out and the birds were chirping.

The delicious smell of an English breakfast teased my senses and made my stomach grumble.I stood in the middle of Wolf’s kitchen watching him as he shovelled breakfast onto plates and set the table.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to help?” I asked as I hovered around him.

He smiled at me and pushed a plate toward me.

“No need. Breakfast is served.” He said with his smile.

I thanked him and dug in with gusto.

My body felt both deliciously sore and energized. Muscles I didn’t know I had ached and I felt different.
The night with Wolf can only be described as a night of perfection, of love and
pure trust in each other.
I knew deep down in my soul that Wolf wouldn’t hurt me, and I couldn’t bear the
thought of hurting him.

I tightened the sash on the robe I wore and chewed on a piece of bacon thoughtfully.

I looked over at Wolf and saw him watching me with heated eyes.
I swallowed my bacon with a gulp and flushed a deep red.I opened my mouth to say something when a forceful knock sounded at the door.
Wolf frowned and slowly got to his feet.

He looked through the peep hole and straightened with what sounded like a hiss.He strode over to me.
“It’s Denise. I can’t let her see you.” He ground out.

I nodded slowly.
“You want me to hide.” I said slowly.

He nodded.

I turned and walked into his room and shut the door behind me.I heard receding footsteps, a door slamming shut then low murmured voices growling at each other.I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I could tell that they were angry about something.

I pressed my ear against the door and tried to make out what they were saying but I still couldn’t tell what they were saying.Seething in frustration I paced away from the door and back again.

What are they talking about?
Does it concern me?
I scrubbed my hand over my face in frustration.

Spotting my clothes in the corner I made my way over to them and contemplated
putting them on.

My shoulders sagged. A perfect night and what was supposed to be a perfect morning all ruined because of a pretty red head that I know nothing about.

How did she fit into all of this?
What was Wolf keeping from me?
And how dangerous is it?


The End

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