A promotion?Mature

"What?!" I said shocked. "A p-promotion?"

"Yes" Mr Rodgers says smiling. "Your teaching has been exceptional and well, Mr Matthes has just retired"

"Wow" I mutter smiling slowly knowing this is probably my growing demonic influence. "Thanks"

"Well, we better ready you up" he says. "I mean it is quite rare for a student teacher to make this huge jump"

"I know" I say with a slow smile. Doesnt he mean it doesnt happen?


At the end of school someone knocked on my door and I opened it to find Akira. I let her in. "Congrats on the promotion" she says smiling leaning up to kiss me lightly.

"Yeah, should make my task easier" I say then curse myself for what I just let slip past my lips.

"Your task...." Akira whispers her voice trailing of and her head tilting down. "You're still working on that?"

"Of course" I mutter tilting up her face. "I cant stop, Akira. I cant change who I am"

"Why not?" she asks so quiet I can barely hear her. I sigh and kiss her forehead letting my hand, that tilted up her chin, pass through her hair. She looks at me firmly and I shake my head.

"I just cant, Akira. If I dont do my task I will be killed" I say moving to pack my bag to head home leaving Akira stood shocked. She moves to stand in front on me with a determined look on her face.

"Well, you must be able to do something" she says and then I kiss her. Strongly. When I pull away Akira look's quite dazed.

"I cant. If I could I would" I say stroking her cheek. "Do you want me to drive you home?"

"No, I want you to let me stay at yours" she says. I sigh, having turned away again to pack my bad. I turn back and fold my arms as I face there. Looking at her standing there all strong and powerful I falter and feel myself give in.

"Okay" I say picking up my bag. Akira face burst out in a smile and she's almost about to take my hand when I put a finger to my lips. I gesture around and she blushes remembering where we are. We step out into the quiet corridors and the car park is just as quiet when we get into my car. I drive back slowly and we sit listening to music. When we reach my small apartment I let Akira in first.

She steps in and gasps gawking at the designer small studio. "Wow" she whispers beginning to wander off once I've taken her bag from her. She look round the open living area. Into the bathroom and then bedroom coming back with a little smile on her face.

"Shall we order Pizza?" I ask.

"Yes, I'll have chicken and mushroom if thats okay. Oh and garlic bread" she adds in a rush as I move to the phone. I look at her with a raised eyebrow and amused eyebrow. I place our order and turn back to find her perched on the sofa. "They said an half an hour"

I sit down pulling her into my lap. We share a kiss and then I hand her the remote. She skips straight away to a channel showing the show called 'Charmed' and I find myself briefly amused by it. Then our order arrives and I go fetch it while Akira waits. I bring it back getting us both a drink, her a coke and me a beer. Akira looks at the beer briefly but then digs in. I watch her eat having two slices myself while Akira eats like she's been starved for a week.

Once she's done she see's my amused smile. She blushes and I tilt up her face to kiss her. I feel the heat from earlier beginning to grow and I slip my hands to hold her hips.

She pulls away once again but I pull her straight back slowly pushing her down beneath me onto the sofa. She turns her head away. "Wolf.." she whispers slightly panicked but also wanting.

"Hush" I breath and kiss her again feeling her melt. I feel the heat rushing through both our bodies. The passion... the... the love. I feel one of my hands tugging on her shirt pulling it up stopping the motion to run my finger over the skin of her stomach. Then I start again beginning to pull it off.

The End

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