I nodded and willingly grasped his hand within mine.

“You need to tell someone about the abuse your mother has been giving you.” Wolf said quietly.

I look down at my cast and winced at the memory of the agonizing pain and walk to the hospital.

“I can’t” I whispered to him.

He brushed his thumb over my bottom lip.

“You must. I want you to be safe in the comfort of your own home. Where’s your father?” He asked.

I tampered down on the pain that stabbed through me.

“I’ve never met him. My mum… she got pregnant on the job.” I mumbled.

He frowned at me.

“She works in a brothel?” He asked in confusion.

I nodded slowly.

He shook his head.

I looked over his shoulder and saw the time on the clock.

My eyes widened at the time.

“I have to get to class. I have a maths test to do.” I told him as I got to my feet.

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I sighed against his mouth and tightened my arm around him.

He hummed against me mouth and deepened the kiss. My knees started to wobble and shake.

I reluctantly pulled away from him and picked up my bag.

“I really must get to class.” I said with a smile.

He grinned at me and the sight felt like watching the sun shine on a cloudy day.

He gave me another quick peck; I giggled and backed away to the door.

He made a move to follow but I shook my head and warded him off with my hand.

“No. Stay.” I tell him with a grin.

His smiled widened but he stayed where he stood.

I jogged to class and made just as the students were filing in.

Mr Atkinson tapped his watch and scowled at me.

“You’re lucky Miss Riley that you weren’t late. I hope you studied for you test.” I mumbled my answer and brushed past him and chose a chair far in the back.

I got out a pencil and eraser and waited for my paper to be handed to me.

Mr Atkinson finally reached my table and placed the test face down in front of me.

I looked out the window and wondered where I could stay for the night instead of going home.

And I considered Wolf’s suggestion of talking to someone about it.

But would talking about make it go away? No.

Will it make me safe? Definitely not.

So what is the point in talking about it? Sure it will get rid of bottled up emotions and repressed anger.
I knew that if I stayed with Wolf I’ll be safe and out of harm’s way, he’ll never lay an offensive hand on me.

But why does he refuse for us to live together?

Is he just trying to protect me or is it something else, something that he doesn’t want to tell me?


I ruthlessly shoved the thoughts out of my head. Wolf loves me; he wouldn’t keep anything from me.

“Miss Riley!” Mr Atkinson snapped from the front of the class.

I jumped in my seat.

“Yes sir?” I asked.

“Stop day dreaming and do you rest.” He told me sternly.

I frowned down at my test.

All the numbers seemed to merge together and form a big fuzzy ball in the middle of the page.

I poked at it with my finger but the fuzzy ball refused to dissipate.

“Miss Riley! I have already warned you once now I have no choice but to give you a detention slip where you will sit and do this test for the afternoon.” My shoulders slumped and I fell back into my seat.


I walked out of class clutching my detention slip and my bag in one hand.

I strode over to my locker and switched my maths text books for english.

"Did you hear that Mr Darke was in the headmasters office again?" A female voice said to my right.
I pulled my locker door until it hid my face.

"Oh my gosh, yes! I heard he was going to get fired!" A second female exclaimed dramatically.
I cocked my head to the side and foight to keep quiet.
"No he didn't get fired. He got promoted! To the head teacher of Humanity." The first female voice said.

I frowned.
Head teacher of Humanity? 
Huh. Ironic.
I blocked them out as they started going on about his looks. 

I slammed my locker door shut, shruged on my bag and made my way to detention.

I wonder how Wolf is taking the new promotion...

I smiled at the thought.  


The End

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