I paced when I got home. Akira hadnt been in class and I searched the school like mad for after but no matter where I looked she wasnt there. My heart ached so painfully I eventually settled on the thought she'd be at the drama group. She didnt turn up there either though. I stop and go to the kitchen and grab myself a drink which I down in a second.

I just end up resuming my pacing and settle for marking class work. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I like this? Why am I.... Why am I so worried? I swallow the clog in my throat and shake my head. Its ridiculous. I shouldnt be feeling like this. I shouldnt of gotten myself into the mess in the first place.

Although, I care to much now. I care to much to let her go. I pull out my phone and dial Akira's number which she gave me the other day but it goes straight to voicemail. I curse at the fact her phone is off.

What if her damn mother has hurt her? What if Denise has hurt her? That thought is even worse. I know Denise still wants me even though I've told her we can never work. I hate siren's, they make my blood boil and bile rise to my throat. I slam the pen down on the table and sit back pushing a hand through my hair. All this worry cannot be good for me.


The next morning at school I search for Akira again. I find her at her locker late in to school and look around before walking up to her. "Where were you?" I whisper unable to stop the worry slipping into my voice. She looks at me and closes her locker, picking up her bag all with the same hand. Which is when I notice it.

The thick white cast round her hand. When I look back at her she doesnt look at me and I see she's on the brink of tears.

"Akira..." I whisper feeling sadness clog my throat. "Follow me" I then take her to my office closing and locking the door. I turn and take her face in my hands and stroke her cheek. "Who did this?"

"My mum" she mutters now crying freely. The tears slipping down her face silently. I kiss them off cherishing the salty taste on my tongue like it was life saving water. She looks at me and then breaks down into sobs. I pull her into my arms and then sit down on a chair cradling her in my lap.

"Its all right" I whisper softly and she seems to relax slipping her arms round me and I feel the cast slightly pressed into my back.

"I cant believe she'd do that to me. I mean I saw it coming in some sense I just... I just hoped..." she whispers her voice cracking before she can get the next words out. I put a finger on her lips and breath out a slow gentle 'hush'. Her tears begin to dry up leaving her with big red puffy eyes. "I cant go back there"

I sigh and stroke her cheek. Feeling the sudden pressure to care and look after Akira more than I did before. Should I really be doing this? I'm beginning to notice how its effecting my task. I'm becoming to pre-occupied with Akira's problems than my own.

"You must, Akira. That is your home" I mutter burying my face in her neck breathing in her scent which makes my body seem to purr happily. Akira swallows and I hear her heart increase through my ear pressed into her shoulder.

"Why cant I live with you?" she spits out before she's even thought about it. I sigh pulling back to look at her sad, tired face. I brush my lips up along her cheekbone feeling her shiver in my grip.

"Because we cant, Akira" I whisper.

"Why not? Surely demon's dont play by the rules" she whispers breathless. I cant stop my small chuckle and flirtacious smile that slips onto my lips.

"Well... of course not but that doesnt mean I want you in trouble, does it?" I says kissing the spot to the side of her eye so delicately its barely a kiss. Akira shivers again and I pull back to see the light blush on her cheek. I also notice the way her legs pull together and her arms wrap round me tighter.

"I guess not" she whispers her gaze caught by mine. I lean down and kiss her slipping my tongue into her mouth. Akira gasps and pulls away for a moment but I just pull her back. She melts beneath my touch and I feel years of denied passion and... love burst to the surface of my cold black soul. I hum happily and Akira shivers in my arms.

Then someone knocks on the door. I pull back slowly and find myself flashing sharp, jagged teeth at the door. Akira jumps away shocked. "Wolf" she whispers in horror. I look at her apologetically forcing my teeth to dull.

"Sorry" I whisper. "Sit there" I gesture to the student chair and move to quickly answer the door. While Akira quickly takes her seat pulling down her knee length school skirt which has begun to ride up. I hold back my chuckle and wink at her before opening the door to find the headmaster there. "Oh, Mr Rodgers. Sir"

He glances over my shoulder at Akira before back at me. "Is there any reason miss Akira is here and out of lessons?" Mr Rodgers asks slowly.

"Yes, sir, she broke her wrist the other day and she's having a few troubles so I brought her here to talk. I was about to make some tea" I say flicking my hand behind my back so the kettle turns on.

Akira glances at it in shock but then looks away knowing not to causes suspision. "Well, I need to talk to you, Wolf. As soon as you've finished with Miss Akira here" he says with a nod then leaves without so much as a goodbye. I shrug and close the door.

"That was close" I cant help but laugh. Akira blushes and I lock the door before moving over to brush my lips briefly across hers. "I think its best we do just talk for a bit"

The End

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