The SirenMature

"Hello, lover boy" Denise sang swinging into my office. I sighed continuing with the marking I had to do for my class later today. "I met miss swept-of-her-feet gal"

My head shot up to look at Denise who was smiling cooly. "What about Akira?" I ask calmly.

"Nothing just not usually your style to get so close to the people you are gonna use to wreck havoc" Denise purred coming to perch on my desk. "Or is it more than buisness?" she whispers with a wink. I look away disgusted at the siren. Denise sighs heavily jumping off my desk. "You know I might get a job here to help you out" she continues making me look up. "Maybe as a receptionist"

"I dont think school's your sort of thing" I say slowly.

"Nah, I could give it a shot" she says turning to me her eyes flashing michievously. I hold back the growl wanting to roll up out of my chest. Denise smiles cold and flirtaciously moving over to stand behind me. "Oh, Wolfy" she whispers into my ear letting her scorching breath momentarily burn my skin before it heals. "Somethings up here, honey, and I'm gonna find out what"

With those words she leaves with me seething with anger. People dont threatening me but I cant strike her in anyway since she's been sent by My Lord. I growl my grip on the pen tightening and snapping it in half. Ink oozes out onto my hand and I swear moving the papers out of the way in time. I throw the broken shards of pen in the bin and head to the bathrooms.

When I get there who else is there but good old Zane. He sees me and looks quickly around before bowing. "Sir" he says the flicker of a shadow in side him forcing a devilish smile on his face. "New orders?"

"No" I say beginning to wash the ink from my hand. Then I stop and think. "Actually... Yes, I'd like you to go round the school or your new girlfriend and find out the latest talk"

"Of course" he says folding his arms and leaning back against the wall. The way shadow walkers act so like the person they possess is uncanny. "How would you like me to report this to you?"

"A report on my desk in my office. Sealed envelope" I add the last bit with thought thinking about Denise reading it without my knowledge or somebody else. Zane's body nods and begins to move towards the door but stops.

"Anything else?" he asks calmly. I feel my devilish instincts take over me and I chuckle coldly Zane's body shivering even with a dark beast inside it.

"Oh yes" I say. "I think maybe Melissa should... you know... suffer. We need to step up the advance"

My eyes flash darkly as I look at Zane whose body nods with a cool smile before leaving. I sigh and turn to look back in the mirror seeing my face yet... suddenly feeling guilty. Akira would not be happy with what I'm doing but if she loves me she'll have to get use to it.

This is who I am. Its not like I can turn to Him and ask for a halo. No demon has ever earned one and thats not likely to change. Its said you're meant to sacrifice your immortal life.... with the knowledge you dont care if you come back so long as the person you've sacrificed yourself for lives.

How could anyone be so self thinking though? No one wants to die. Especially an immortal being who believes to have all the time in the world.

The End

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