Demon vs DemonMature

I couldnt find Akira the next day but I did know that my visit to the headmasters office hadnt gone unheard of. Rumors were spreading and I was quick to dispel them if anyone asked. I was now heading to the staff room.

"Hello, Wolf" I stop at the sound of the voice turning to see Denise. Her long legs and fiery hair. Her catlike green eyes that made mortals melt inside and also feel a bit unnerved.

"Denise" I say the name cooly and I watch her smile slowly as she stalks over. She strokes a prefect cherry red nail along my cheek cutting the skin and drawing blood but the wound heals quickly. I wipe the blood from my cheek quickly as I see her leaning over to kiss it off.

"Drats" she says with a sly smile.

"Never let a siren taste your blood" I state avoiding eye contact.

"Oh, Wolfy honey. How I've missed your demonic charm" she says her eyes flashing with a spark of curiousity and wanting. She tries to reach for me again but I step back finding us now standing in the way of the door to the utility closet.

"What are you doing here?" I say harshly now. "This town is mine"

"Oh, honey" Denise says examining her nails for a moment. "I've just been told to check up on you by Our Lord"

"Well, everythings fine" I growl. "I told Our Lord that this past saturday"

"Yes but.... he noticed your use of a shadow walker. It made him... suspisious" she says looking up at me from beneath her eyelashes. "Are you loosing your touch, sweetie?"

I growl low and she steps back an inch making me smile. "I'd think you'd find I'm not" I say with a tilt of my head and a very cold gaze. Denise giggles and I find myself clenching my teeth. She smiles even more and holds up a finger.

"Nuh uh, honey" she says. "I think you should calm down now"

"Why?" I say glaring at her with a frightening gaze. She bites her lips and then smiles again but this time it faltering slightly. I smile coldly and she straightens up.

"Because I have the authority imply action if anything isnt going according to plan" she says and I flinch feeling quiet hurt by My Lord's lack of trust just for the use of one shadow walker. I use to use them but nowadays I dont which is why its arose suspision. I'm meant to be to skilled to have to use the assistant of half-minds.

"Everything is going according to plan just a little mess up with a girl and her boyfriend" I say. Denise giggles loud and fiery the air seeming to become warm and thick.

"Oh, please dont tell me you're being held up by a girl?" she giggles rolling her eyes. I growl and she clamps her mouth shut. "Anyway, I'm hear to observe" she stops short and strokes my cheek. "And help"

With those words she stalks off. I growl and turn on my heels which is when I see her. Akira frozen in the hallway having watched me with Denise. "Akira" I say walking over. I take her arm and guide her to my office. "What are you doing out of class?"

"Who was that?" she asks not looking at me.

"An unwanted friend" I replying being honest. She bites her lip and shakes her head folding her arms.

"You are obviously more than that" she says and I realise she's holding back tears. I sigh and turn to lock the door so we're completely out of sight and alone. I turn back to Akira and take her face in my hands.

"I be honest with you, Akira" I say sincerely. "She's not even a friend. She's just unwanted"

"But-" I put a finger on her lips.

"Please, trust me" I whisper and watch her bite her lip as I move my fingers away. She looks at me with teary eyes and I lean down and kiss her softly. "I dont care what happens to me just as long as you trust me okay?"

Slowly she nods and then I kiss her again wrapping my arms around her. The kiss begins to intensify and I have Akira sat on my desk with me between her legs. She pulls away looking a bit dazed but also worried. "Wolf.." she whisper.

"Hush" I breath into her ear making her shiver and then lean in to kiss her again my hands running along her thighs. Akira moans but pushes me away again.

"Wolf, I can't" she hisses.

"Why not?" I whisper in her ear.

"I'm not ready. We've been together only three days" she says blushing. I stroke her cheek and then pull her to her feet.

"Yeah, sorry" I mutter feeling a bit of a jerk. She nods pulling her bag back onto her shoulder. She leans up and kisses my cheek.

"I best get to my class" she mutters.

"Wait" I say then write her a slip and hand it to her. "Don't worry. The teachers think the rumor is false"

She nods silently taking it and then leaves. I sigh heavily and lean back on my desk. Well, that was unexpected.

The End

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