All Hope Is GoneMature

I yawned and slowly climbed out bed in search of a midnight drink.

I tip-toed down the hall and into the kitchen, I poured myself a glass of water and slowly sipped at it.

“What the hell are you doing out of bed?” I jumped at the sound of my mother’s voice. Water splashed out of the cup and spilt down the front of my pyjamas in my panic my hold loosened on the cup. It slipped out of my hand and shattered on the floor with a loud crash. Glass showered at my feet and small fragments imbedded themselves into my feet.

I winced and knelt down and started carefully plucking the glass out.

The half-broom and shovel landed next to me followed by rubbish bags and newspapers.

“Clean it up you little brat.” Reina, my mother spat at me.

I lowered my head and started sweeping the class into the shovel.

She stood over me and continued shouting threats and insults.

“You’re useless. Just a stupid little girl. A push over. A low life nothing…” More insults poured out of her drunken mouth but I pushed them out of my head and tuned her out.  

I thought of Wolf and the afternoon we spent in the classroom just talking about silly things then listening as he explained his demonic nature. It didn’t matter to me that he is a being created from Hell, or that he is evil.

No, Wolf isn’t evil, at least not evil to me. He’s so gentle and aware of everything, his stormy eyes and lush mouth to his lean muscles and oh-so broad shoulders. His allure pulls me in like a moth to a flame and I knew that he has me hook, line and sinker.

I yelped as a sudden kick landed in the left side of my ribs.

I looked up in shock and saw Reina’s faded blue eyes glaring down at me.

“Listen to me when I’m talking to!” She screamed at me.

All the thoughts of Wolf and his strength gave me power that I’ve never before experienced.

I stood up and drew to my full height and looked Reina in the eyes.

“Do not kick me.” I growled at her.

Her wrinkled brow furrowed into an even deeper scowl.

“You dare speak to me like that?” She asked; outraged.

With the new strength coursing through my veins I glowered at her.

“It’s nothing compared to what you’ve been saying to me all my life.” I said in a low voice.

She raised her hand as if to strike me. I snapped my hand out and clamped onto her wrist.

She sputtered and tugged at my hold. I dug my fingers into the fragile bones of her wrist and let go.

She rubbed her wrist and glared at me.

“Don’t even think about hitting me.” She continued looking at me and I saw the resolve enter her eyes, and my shoulders started to sag in sudden defeat.

I knew what was coming.

*   *

Rubbing at my tear dried eyes I walked through the corridors in school in search of Wolf.

But he was nowhere to be seen, I tried his class and the teachers’ lounge but there was no sign of him.

With a feeling of desperation I quickened my strides and searched for him down the corridor.

I looked down at my watch and ended up bumping into someone.

I reared back in surprise and saw Melissa standing there.

“Sorry.” I mumbled and made a move to move on but she placed her hand on my arm.

I looked at her hand on my arm and up to her face and saw that she wore an expression of expectation.

“Akira; wait.” She said.

I pulled out of her hold and folded my arms across my chest and motioned for her talk.

“I heard that you and Zane broke up.” She said.

I nodded slowly and remained silent.

“Is it okay if I ask him out?” she asked with a teasing smile.

I rolled my eyes and unfolded my arms.

“I don’t care what you ask him, I don’t care what he asks you or care about anything that concerns the two of you.  Zane and I are no longer together so of course that makes him free and even if he wasn’t it wouldn’t really stop you.” I snapped at her.

She clamped her mouth shut.

“You don’t to be so nasty.” She huffed.

I rubbed at my aching temples.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. But what Zane does with his life is none of my business so coming to me was a waste of your time.” I told her bluntly.

She nodded.

“Well I’ll ask him out anyway.” I shrugged and turned to leave again.

“Is it true that you and that history teacher have a thing?” She asked my back.

I froze in place.

I looked at her over my shoulder.

“What makes you think that?” I asked tightly.

She laughed and shook her head ruefully.

“Everyone’s talking about it. Plus Mr Darke had to go to the headmaster’s office because someone snitched that you two have a relationship.” I turned away from her and walked away.

He did it, Zane actually reported Wolf to the principal.

I felt anger bubbling inside of my stomach. My muscles quivered in rage and my blood heated inside of me.

Continuing on my hunt for Wolf I put a hold on the anger.

But as I rounded the corner all thoughts fled.

Over by the door to the utility closet stood Wolf and a female.

She stood round six feet tall with a mile long legs sheathed in skin hugging jeans that left none to the imagination, and a blood red halter top that also did a lot of…hugging.

Her skin is a flawless milky white that accentuated her lithe muscles and delicate bone structure. Her hair is also blood red that fell to her shoulders in soft waves, her green slightly Cheshire eyes that glowed with hidden intentions and were framed by thick mascara painted eyelashes. Her cheekbones were sharp and shaped her lips into a feminine pout. Her jaw looked both delicate and strong for a woman of her grace.

Everything about this women screamed graceful and ethereal beauty that I felt like a donkey sitting next a beautiful mare.

Her and Wolf looked to be in a heated conversation, with her making sharp gestures and Wolf eyeing her coolly and replying with crisp and to the point words.

Feeling like a fool I continued watching them, unable to look away from the sight that they presented andstraining my ears to hear what they were saying.
I wanted to go over and find out but I held back and let my eyes drink in the sight of them together.

Unbearable pain lanced through me.

How could I measure up to women like her?

The End

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