Getting rid of Trouble?Mature

I found myself sat in the headmasters office tapping the chair arm in annoyance. Mr Rogers looked at me from behind his desk a scowl on his face. "I here you've been showing a preference to a student" he says calmly.

"Lets me guess. The student Zane told you" I say tilting my head.

"Do you not deny it?" the headmaster growls.

"I am only helping Akira through a tough time. I thought teachers were meant to be there for their students" I reply sitting high in my seat.

"Yes, to a point but Zane came to inform me that you have been meeting.... out of school"

"For Drama club yes" I say. "Thursday's and Friday's"

The headmaster taps his pen on his desk looking at me sternly. "Then why did Zane see to come to me about this?" the headmaster asks. "He said you kissed"

"There is a kiss in the script but I didnt really kiss her" I tell him. I didnt kiss her that time, I think. I'm avoiding lying cause that is a way of betraying trust I need. Mr Rogers sighs leaning back in his chair clasping his hands together.

"So why?" he presses and I shrug.

"Jealousy. From what I know him and Akira havent been getting on well. I believe they recently broke up. My offered friendship could of made him angry" I surggest sticking close to the truth cause before that was why he was jealous.

"Very well, I shall look into all this. You may go, Wolf"

I nod politely and turn to leave. I walk out closing the door shut behind me then allowing the anger to wash over my face. You'd think my warning would of been enough but seems not enough to scare him off. I stalk down the hallway finding Zane just at the right moment as he's coming out of the bathroom. I grab his shirt collar dragging him back in.

"Didnt I warn you, kid?" I growl. Zane clenches his jaw and fists.

"You're disgusting why would I listen to you?" he snaps.

"So I didnt have to do this" I say with a cold smile. I snap my fingers and a shadow seep up from the ground running along the floor. Zane begins to struggle as it sneaks up his leg. He clenches his mouth shut but the shadow forces it open going in through his mouth and quickly taking a place on his brain and down along his spine.

I let him go stepping back. He looks at me with empty eyes and I smile. "What is my task?"

"Proceed as normal" I say simply. "Until I tell you otherwise"

Zane's body nods and then leaves. No one will notice a thing and from n0w on no one but Akira knows who I am. I leave the bathroom and walk slowly down the hall. Then the bell for lunch goes and I'm hidden among the crowd.

The End

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