Inner DemonMature

Blazing eyes filled with hatred and evil intents, fire lapped at my heels and screams of anguish and agony screamed continuously. I felt my soul writhe inside of me, protesting at the sight of evil.

I heard hissing and scraping sounds behind me I wanted to turn around but I was afraid that if I saw what stood behind me I wouldn’t be able to stop screaming.

Fear engulfed me within its unrelenting hold, paralyzing me in place.

I whimpered and fought back the sudden tears that blurred my eyes.

“Akiraaaaaaaaa…” A voice hissed from the shadows.

My breathing quickened and my pulse pounded in my throat.

“Wh-who are you?” I squeaked. 

The voice wheezed and took me a moment to figure out that the voice was laughing.

“You already know.” It whispered ominously.


My eyes snapped open revealing the familiar purple walls and posters of my favourite authors. The feint scent of vanilla flirted along my nostrils and the sounds of shouting sounded through my thin bedroom walls.

Groaning; I slowly climbed out of bed and did my normal morning routine.

Once dressed and feeling refreshed I sat in my room and
stared out the window.

I thought back to last night and couldn’t stop the small smile that tugged at my lips.

The kiss with Wolf had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. But I remembered the sight of fire puff through his lips and darker inner flame shine through his cloudy eyes.

And the memory of Zane threatening to get Wolf fired.

I cannot let that happen, I told myself.

Wolf can’t get fired, it's too early to lose him, I just found him.

With new found determination I made my way over to Zane’s home.

I knocked on his front door.

It opened after a moments silence and Zane stood there, looking so angry, so tormented that my chest squeezed tight.

“Come to rub it in?” He snapped.

I flinched.

“No. I’ve some to ask you not to get Wolf fired.” I said to him quietly.

He rolled his eyes and leant against the door frame.

“And what makes you think that I’ll do as you ask?” He said with his head cocked to the side and his eyebrow rose mockingly.

“He doesn’t deserve it. He didn’t do anything wrong!” I shouted at him.

He straightened away from the door frame and loomed over me.

“Didn’t do anything wrong? Akira he kissed you! That is wrong!” He argued.

I clenched my teeth together and glared at him.

“You’re right, he did kiss me. But I kissed him too.” I said to him quietly.

His face reddened and the veins in his neck stood out as his body vibrated in rage.

I backed away from him. And without uttering another word I turned and sprinted home.
Sprinting away from the dangerous human and yearning to go to the saftey I've come to know in a demon's tender embrace.


*   *

I paused outside history class and bit back the grin I’ve worn all morning.

Taking a deep breath I sailed into the class room and took
the seat at the front.

I opened my text book and skimmed through the pages as I waited for Wolf to arrive to class.


After about five minutes later he shuffled into the classroom with a severe frown on his handsome face and his stormy grey eyes blood shot.

I shifted in my seat nervously and dug my fingertips into the text book to keep from running to him.

But my ruffled were smoothed when he glanced at me and his features softened.

I relaxed into my seat and listened to his rumbling voice all through the lesson.

“And don’t forget that we have an assessment next week Thursday so study for it because there will be no re-sits.” He said at the end of the lesson.

All of the class groaned and filed out of the door. I slowly stood up and backed my book into my bag.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and faced Wolf.

I smiled at him but it slowly faded when he didn't really smile back at me.

“How was your… hibernation?” I asked.

“Fine.” He murmured.

I nodded and stood in front of his desk suddenly feeling awkward and unsure.

“I tried to talk to Zane yesterday.” I said to fill the silence.

He rubbed at his eyes and sat down behind his desk.

“And how did that go?” He asked tiredly.

With tears clogging my throat I told him everything that happened.

The tears weren’t for the memory of Zane’s threatening pose and the danger that had emanated from him, but for the feeling of rejection that filled my heart.

“That boy needs to watch himself.” Wolf growled.

I gave him a questioning look.

“I don’t know what I’d do if he hurt you.” He admitted to me.

I felt as if I could melt into an Akira shaped puddle, the bitter feeling of rejection receded and a strange emotion that I barely knew seeped into me.

The feeling of love. 

The End

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