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I had stood quietly giving Akira the chance to calm down Zane but it wasnt working. I could see the cogs of his mind turning with the evil I had infected this town with. I swore beneath my breath as Zane moved towards me. I moved Akira out of the way and caught Zane's fist as he swung.

"Don't boy" I whisper quietly. Zane glares at me with eyes so fulled with raged they could match a demons. He doesnt stop swinging his other fist towards my stomach. I slip out of the way and twist Zane's arm. I have his arm in a lock and I lean towards his ear. "Don't mess with me" I say letting a spark of fire escape my lips.

Zane freeze and struggles out of my grip. "You're both monsters" he snaps. "I'll have your job for this"

Akira looks frightened as Zane races away. "Oh god" she whisper slumping down onto the ground. I look away partly ashamed. Am I risking the beginnings of a great work for this girl? "What are you?"

I look round at her. "What do you mean?"

"I didn't imagine it. I couldn't have" she whispers gripping her head and shaking it back and forth. I kneel down in front of her.

"What did you see?"

"A spark. A spark of fire" she whispers looking into my eyes with awe. "You breathe fire"

"Yes" I say making her put a hand over her mouth as she gasps in shock. I look at her expressionless and she reaches out to touch my faces lightly with her finger tips.

"B-but... but how?" she whispers shaking her head and pulling away her hand. "Its impossible"

"I'm a demon" I say letting my eyes show their ember and I hear her gasp. She looks into them with so much fear but.... she herself isnt scared. Its a strange thing and hard to explain. She fears whats happening but she's not scared of me even though I'm the cause.

"Thats not possible. Demons are evil. You kissed me" she whispers shaking her head. Then looking at me. She bites her lip and blushes. "You kissed me"

"I did" I say unable to stop the faint smile coming to my lips. "And I'm going to again" I speak a moment before my lips touch hers and she melts beneath my touch as I pull her into my arms. I get us both to our feet and stroke her sides feeling her shiver.

"We... We shouldnt be doing this again. Zane's going to get you arrested!" Akira says her eyes wide. I raise an eyebrow with a small smile.

"I just told you I'm a demon and you're more worried about me being arrested?" I tilt my head at the end and watch her blush. She goes silent for a moment looking at her feet.

"If you're a demon... How can you love?"

"We dont" I reply watching her wince. She looks up at me with sad eyes.

"Then what am I to you?"

"Strange" I say shaking my head chuckling. Akira hugs her stomach and for a moment we just stand there. Her in my arms before she slowly holds me back and rests her head on my chest.

"What do you mean 'strange'?"

"I care for you even though I shouldn't. Its strange" I finish with a shrug and watch her nod slowly. I tilt up her chin and see her confusion. Her pain. Both mixed up into one. I frown slightly and kiss her forehead. "To be honest. I want to make this work cause of that. Demons dont love and I almost love you... I think"

"I think?" Akira says annoyed.

"I dont know of love" I say.

"Thats quite sad" she says and we both fall silent. "Will I see you tommorow?"

"No" I say. "Sunday is a day of rest. I will go to sleep the moment it turns midnight" I check my watch seeing its 10:38 pm. "I have enough time to walk you home I think"

"Okay" she whispers. I take her hand and lead her out the park letting her show me the way from there. I cant help but chuckle when I watch her sneak back in through her window. Its 11:45 pm by the time I get to my small apartment. Just enough to get ready to hibernate.

The End

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