My LordMature

I took to the deepest shadows around the edge of the lake. I fling out my arms the earth rattling with the sudden command I yell out. "Earth crumble!" I call out, my voice low and rattling. I snap my fingers a huge bang echoing out as the crumbled earth bursts alight. "Fire blaze!"

I stand there the circular shape of crumbled earth and roaring fire groaning in front of me. A cold smile spreads across my lips. I had been in the town for five days and I had to act now before the 'holy' day of rest which I would spend in hibernation. It was the only day where neither angel nor demon could spend creating peace or havoc on earth. I step into the flames allowing the flames to lick my skin. It flared like my skin gave it more life.

"I call upon My Lord. I call upon the siner of sins. I summon the shadows to my call. Allow the darkness to rise up into this unholy circle" I whisper holding my arms out so my fingers touch the flames of the fire. I close my eyes smiling coldly.

"You called Wolfaine" his voice whispers in my ear. It sends chills up my spine but I hold them back and open my eyes.

I look upon the smokey shadows with gleeful eyes knowing my master is hidden within them. This is his favorite form but not his only one. "Yes, my lord, I call to tell you that the town slips so easily into my chaotic grip"

"I am proud at your progress, my servant. He is very angry at you. I think He underestimates you" My Lord says allowing his self a cold icey chuckle that sets the fire roaring contradicting the cold aura he gives off.

I bow low and flash a dark smile allowing the shadows I summoned on to call on My Lord to seep off my skin. "Your praise is very much welcomed, My Lord" I say keeping myself bowed low.

"You better not fail, Wolfaine" My Lord growls. Then in a roar of fire sucking in the flames from around me he disapears. The shadows whip out cutting the trees and cutting through the water of the lake. He leaves sorched crumbled earth where he stood and I neaten down my clothes.

"Sir?" I hear a trembling voice say. I turn to see Akira. At first I panic thinking she saw My Lord but then I see her tears and realise it is something else.

"Akira" I say feeling my voice slip into a calm tone. "What are you doing out so late?"

She wipe her eyes with the back of her hand and avoids looking at me. "Oh, I just thought I should go for a walk" she mutters folding her arms across her chest. I see her shivers and trembling knees. She's been out quite a while and for more than a walk from what I can tell.

I slip off my jacket and step forward drapping it over her shoulders. She looks up at me with wide eyes and I stop. What is it about this girl? She isnt dark enough to touch the demon part of me but some how.... I push the thought out of my mind before it surfaces.

"Do you want to go grab a hot chocolate?" I ask.

She shakes her head. "I should head home" she says looking directly at me but she doesnt move. I push back a strand loose hair feeling her warm flushed cheek.

She takes in a sharp breath as her breathing increases and closes her eyes. As I let my hand travel down her neck leaving a searing trail of hot skin beneath my touch I feel her quick pulse.

"I shouldnt persuade a student to stay out late" I whisper like the proper teacher I'm meant to be.

Akira slowly opens her eyes. "You shouldnt be doing this either" she whispers. I shrug and then look right into her eyes. I tilt up her chin.

"You're not stopping me?" I whisper. Akira falls silent looking at me in a way that makes my heart skip a beat.

I lean down slowly hesitating a moment before my lips touch hers. I press them on hers gently finding them soft and gentle beneath mine. I slip my arms round her waist and feel her hands grip my shoulders.

The End

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