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I stood off to the side as I watched them rehearse. I felt a slight tinge of jealousy when I watched Eric, the guy I'd chosen to play Romeo, encircle Akira's hips with his arms. She was nervous I could tell but she slipped into the role. Then Eric messed it up. "Stop!" I shout causing everyone to freeze. "You're doing the scene wrong"

I stride over and Eric pulls away from Akira shifting nervously. "How so, Wolf?" he asks. Eric was barely 18 and I felt like I could use him. Thats why I'd given him a lead part. I needed to nurture the boy into the trouble maker I needed to do my bidding.

"Move. I'll show you" I say Eric steps back. I slip my arm into place round Akira's hip hearing her gasp. The entire class falls silent watching from where they rehearse their scripts in the stands.

"Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
   Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged"

Once I finish the line I lean down. Akira stares at me with wide eyes but the moment my lips get close enough to hers that I can feel her soft gentle breath on them her eyes flutter closed. I pause hearing everyone around me take a sharp breath. Then I step away pulling my arm from round her waist.

Akira's eyes flash open and she blushing seeming to want to fidget. I know what she's feeling... the tingle of heat along her skin. Then everyone claps and I flash them all a smile. The tension now having broken.

"See the difference? No tension. No hesitation" I say firmly.

"I cant do that, Wolf. I have a girlfriend"

"And I'm a teacher. I could be sacked if this was anything but acting. Now, I want you all to reherse your lines" I call out to everyone. They all nod. "See you next week"

I stop Akira before she leaves the stage and I see some people look over briefly. Thats before I turn my gaze on them and they scurry out of the theatre. "Yes, Sir. I mean Wolf" she says blushing and glancing briefly on my grip on her wrist. I tug it pulling her back closer to me.

She gasps her eyes going wide. I dont say anything I run a finger along her face facinated by this mortal. "Did you sort out things with Zane?" I whisper softly. She relaxes beneath my touch but she also seems shocked by her own reaction.

"No, we havent really talked about it" she whispers her eyes drooping occasionally seeming to look to heavy for her to keep open. I smile slowly and I hear her gasp lightly as I step even closer. Our bodies now an inch apart I can almost feel the warm aura seeping off her.

"You shouldnt just leave things like that to unravel" I whisper. "Things could get messy" I cant help but let the idea of mischief bring a smile to my lips.

"This is unproper" Akira whispers up at me her eyes wide. "Y-you're my teacher"


"This is inappropriate" she says stepping back. I clench my jaw and take a deep breath my eyes turning apologetic.

"Of course, I'm sorry" I say softly. "You may go, Akira. Remember to practice"

Then she leaves and the moment she's gone I punch at the wall. What the hell am I doing? She's just a mortal. Nothing important. I should get back to my task and thats what I'm gonna do.

The End

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