Non Sana Est PuellaMature

I stood outside the town's auditorium clutching the flyer in
my hands.

Why was I here? I’ve never acted a day in my life!

I watched in dismay as girls stood chatting in their little circles, flipping their hair and fiddling with their short skirts and scuffing their baby heels.

I shivered and reluctantly started walking toward the

As I reached the first circle of girls, they went silent and watched me pass with their glossed lips curling in disdain. I ducked my head and quickened my steps but as I passed everyone, I was greeted by their silent hatred.

I thought back to the day with Zane and Melissa.

My blood boiled in anger.

In my gut I knew that Zane is unfaithful, I can just taste it like a bitter lemon in my mouth. Just picturing the way he was with elissa made me want to scream. He still refuses to talk to me about it, and orders me away from Wolf.
Like he can talk? I'm the one being unfaithful.
But unbearable truth be told, I still love him. This is just a minor bump in the road, we can recover from it, unless he wants to be with Melissa...

Forcing the thoughts out of my head I pushed the door open with more force than I needed to and stomped inside.

“Akira.” I looked up at the sound of my name.

But no one was there.

Weird, I swear I heard someone call my name…

I shrugged and looked for a seat, preferably in a dark corner so no one can see me.

“Akira.” I swung around sharply, causing my hair to whip
around in an arc and slap at my arms.

I frowned and tucked it behind my ears and scanned the room, but no one was there.

Or maybe someone was and they were invisible… I chuckled at the thought and
continued to look for a seat.

Spotting one in the far left corner I walked over to it and sunk into it with a grateful sigh.

I tilted my head back and closed my eyes.

Why I was here still evaded me, maybe it’s a need to do something other than maths, or science or English. Maybe it’s a need to have a well needed change in my otherwise bland life.

I sighed and looked at the pamphlet again.

“I’m glad you showed.” A male voice said.

I looked up and saw Wolf standing there. I quickly stood up and prayed that he couldn’t see the pulse that pounded at the base of my throat.

“Mr, I mean Wolf. I didn’t see you.” I said lamely.

He smiled slightly and his stormy eyes seemed more…alive than ever.

Why I thought that, I didn’t know.

“It’s alright. Most don’t” He drawled.

I blinked at him in confusion.

He smiled wider and I couldn’t help but smile back.

I felt myself spiralling into his eyes, I felt so entranced by them, by their sheer beauty and hidden secrets…

I shook my head to clear it and saw that all the rest of the students were standing just behind Wolf.

I could feel their hatred emanating off of them in waves.

I backed up slightly.

“Mr Darke are we starting class now?” A female voice asked from near the back.

I looked back to Wolf and saw his eyes flash with an unknown emotion.

I shivered.

“Yes. Please take your assigned places on stage.” He told them.

They all shuffled away murmuring to themselves softly.

Wolf looked at me again and I felt like a rabbit facing a hungry wolf, pardon the bad pun.

“I have a part picked out just for you.” He said in an
excited note.

“Okay…” I said warily.

He motioned for me to follow him.

He led me into a small office and handed me a stack of papers.

I looked down at them and my eyes bugged out.

“Are you serious?” I asked; shocked.

He nodded.

“But I hardly know how to act!” I exclaimed.

“It doesn’t matter.” He reassured me.

But I was far from reassured, I was shocked, excited and... little scared.

How in the hell am I going to pull this off?

“You seriously want me to play Juliet?” I asked softly.

He smiled again and nodded.

Oh boy…

The End

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