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I watched Akira leave and felt a part of me want t0 follow her. To apologize. To beg for her forgiveness. I shook my head. No, that wasnt right. I was a demon. We never succummed to the needs of a human. I turn and looked at Melissa Hart and this... Zane.

I believed him to be Akira's boyfriend but the way his body stood slightly in front of Melissa as he looked up at me I could tell that if he was he hadn't been faithful. Lets hope Akira doesnt find out the hard way. In fact no, that could cause scandal.

"It would be wise, Zane. If you are to not insult a teacher again and Ms Hart I was serious about practice. I believe the coach is looking for you"  I said with a nod. She seemed to relax and almost smile but her anger still remained from a moment before stopping her.

"Like I said she doesnt have to-" Zane began.

"Its okay, Zane" Mellisa jumped in putting a delicate hand on his shoulder and I saw the way her nail sort of trailed along a bit. She was flirting with him so obviously and he was enjoying it from the little smirk he gave to her over his shoulder. She looked at me and a slight blush appeared on her cheek. She nodded. "Mr Darke"

Then she left and I watch Zane watch after her hungrily. "Three's a crowd" I whisper in Zane's ear. "Keep playing your game and one of you is gonna get hurt. I hope for Akira's sake its you"

Zane looked at me shocked and I walked off down the corridor. If he were to report it. It would be my word against his and I'd seen his record. I would have the upper hand especially since I'd gained the headmitresses eye.

I must admit that the fact she was looking at a person 15 years younger than her was disgusting but I was here to do a job and that all that mattered. Bring down this school and all within the town will crumble. As I reached my empty classroom I let a slow smile spread across my face. I slipped into my seat and waited for the day to pass by.


"Sir" I looked up at the sound of Akira's voice. It had been two days since I last saw her and it was our next lesson this afternoon.

"Yes, Akira? How may I help?" I say folding away my class marking book. I watched her every movement. The shift of her right foot so she was grinding her toe into the floor. The nervous brush back of a singel strand of hair with her delicate hand so it was hid behind her ear. The bite of her lip as she gazed at my own. Then how she yanked away her gaze which brought a light blush to her cheeks.

"Well, you see. That day I never thanked you and well...." she trailed off.

"No need, Miss Akira, its a teacher duty" I said with a smile. Then I saw the concern in her eyes the way she fiddled with the strap on her bag. "What else is it, Akira? You seem concerned"

She looked a bit embarassed then. More so then when I caught her gazing at my lips. "Well, ever since.... Zane wont talk to me about it. When I bring it up he wont say a word. Apart from that I should 'stay away from that pervert teacher'" she says, quoting Zane in a very good mimic of his voice.

"Have you ever thought of taking up acting?" I say getting a leaflet out of my bag. Why was I doing this? Why was I doing this? The thought beat at my skull.

"No, sir" she whispered seeming to almost breath the words out. The blush on her cheeks was slowly becoming brighter the closer I got so I stopped a friendly distance away.

"Here" I handed over the leaflet and she took it opening it up. "History isnt the only thing I teach. I help out here Sundays"

"You're surgesting I should take this up, sir?" she said looking up into my eyes and getting caught they held by something curious within them.

"Yes, and Wolf please. Its free" I say with a smile. The acting isnt part of my job here. Its just extra work I've given myself.

"Oh, well, I'll think about it" she says then the bell goes and students stream in forcing Akira to take her seat.

The End

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