"Oh..." the word fell out of the girls mouth like she'd been splashed in the face with a cold bucket of water.

"Are we moving in?" I ask. The girl looks confused and then she blushes scrambling into the classroom and grabbing the final seat at the front. When I walk in all eyes are on me. Girls gasp and the boys glare. Well, a few gasp as well. There is always a few.

"Hello class" I call out. "My name is Wolfaine Darke but just call me Wolf. I'm here as a student teacher for 7 months"

I look around as the class begin to whisper among each other and my eyes focus on the girl that I was talking to a moment ago, the girl I saw with that guy and strangely she's looking at me. I wink and she blushes. I turn back to the class.

"Okay, so, I'm going to hand out your books. Today I will be telling you about the four topics you will be studying this year" I continue already moving with the pile of books handing them out to the 23 students. When I reach the front of the class again I face them. "I dont want you to feel uncomfortable about coming to see me if your confused so if you ever have a question. I'm in here most of the day"

As I speak the last few words I look directly at the girl. The rest of the lesson flowed by. The class kept asking questions and I felt myself fall into the role of teacher. I mean I had to gain trust first before I began causing mayhem in among the students starting with my class.

This was gonna be my only class being a 'student' teacher. I had to take this role so I had a reason to leave in 7 months when the mayhem became thick and heavy. Also cause I looked too young to be over 20 which unabled me to pass as a teacher.

Throught out the lesson I continuely passed the girl whose name I learnt was Akira. The other girls in the class noticed of corse and began to look at her with more spite than what they had at the beginning of the lesson. I began feeling protective almost cradling my body round her when I went to help her with a question.

Once the lesson finished I stopped her. "Akira, wait a second" I called. The students leaving rolled their eyes almost as if it was typical I did this.

"Is there something wrong, sir?"

"Wolf, please, and no. Your grades are completely perfect. Nothing wrong there but... you dont seem to mingle with the rest of the class" I look up at her from my chair across the desk and into her eyes. She looks almost dizzy when I do just like most females.

"Um, I guess I just dont get on with anyone"

"No one at school?" I ask. "I've seen you around and you seem to only be with this lad. I assume he's your boyfriend"

"Yes, S-Wolf" she corrects herself quickly. A blush is light on her cheeks and I sigh leaning back.

"If you ever need to talk, Akira" I look at her deep into her. I look at her soul. Damaged. So damaged I have to hold back my gasp. "J-just come see me"

She nods looking confused at my stutter and leaves. What the hell could cause so much damage to a soul? Such a beautiful soul at that.

The End

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