Chapter TwoMature


I take in the tall grand building before me. The towering frame of grey rock. So this is the school I'm going to be attending I think my eyes hidden behind the shaded glasses I wear. I hear girls giggling and looking to the left to see some of the students looking at me.

I smile slowly, my grin crooked and devilish. I pull my glasses down for a moment to wink at them. One of them swoon tripping into the roads. Screams echo out and her friends yank her out of the way of the car with a second to spare. I clench my teeth in disapointment.

Damn humans with their stupid free will. I stride across the road walking up to the girl. "Are you okay?" I ask.

The girl flushes and flutters her friends doing the same but in a jealous way. "No, I'm okay" she says. As she speaks something catches my eyes a girl. Thankfully no but me knows I'm watching her. She's stood with a boy looking at her feet saddly while he looks quite angry.

Then once she's finished muttering her snaps harsh words. I have to stop myself from striding over. This girl is special how dare he snap at her. I can't believe my reaction. I snap myself out of it and continue watching. I see him finally relax and pull her into his arms. Then I hear his neck words having tuned in, 'you're stupid you know'.

I look away back to the girl. "I'm glad" I say with a nods then turn and leave hearing her sigh then begin to giggle with her friends. As I walk into the school I past the girl and her partner. I cant help but glance at her face. I see fear and love mixed together. She's scared of him in someway yet continues to love him.

I shake her out of my head. Enough of this. I've followed enough girls to last me a life time. I'm hear on buisness not pleasure. I smile slowly.

Time to get to work.

The End

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