Leopold Briar - The Representative

Leopold Briar left his crew to the streets of Masair. With the size of the town and the troubles in Mandenport, he wasn't too worried about their safety. Anyone who tried to fight or who was attacked wouldn't be far from another of Leopold's crew. 

Leopold let himself be guided by the quiet - almost too quiet in his opinion - servant of Patrick Harris, Masair's representative for the Galabrian Empire, guided him to meet his master. Leopold noticed oddities in the house. For one, it looked perfectly clean, as if it hadn't been touched anywhere by filth of any kind. It was odd, but some of the higher class in Galabria had hourly cleaning, so Leopold could ignore that. 

The thing that really bothered the captain, though, was it's lack of decoration. The large house had simply the bare necessities and nothing else. No pictures, maps, trophies, extra furniture, or anything else. It was odd for a representative. Suspicion grew in Leopold as his sense of danger rose as well.

"Master Harris is through here, Captain Leopold," the man said in a slur, then walked back to only God knew where. Leopold ignored him though and opened the mahogany door in front of him. 

"Ahh, the Captain of the Stormwind has-" Patrick Harris sat behind a barren desk, a surprised look in his plump face. It quickly turned to anger, then a false smile in nearly a split second. How odd.

"I am Leopold Briar, Captain of the Jackdaw and replacement for Captain Etwin May." It was formal to address a client this way. It was meant to promote a sense of order and professionalism. Leopold didn't mind, though. What he did mind, however, was the man - Patrick Harris - and how he had reacted. 

"Ahh, yes, well..." Harris looked nervous for some reason, but was good enough to make it look like surprise. "Sorry, I was expecting Etwin. You see, we go way back and... well, it would be good to see the man again..." Something about this man was off, as if he were nervous about something. His dull grey eyes kept shifting slightly to the right of Leopold. Though Leopold wanted to see what the man looked at, he restrained himself. He could see it as he left.

"I am sorry, Representative Harris, he has been given more pressing orders. I was sent by him directly, though." What was this man's connection to Etwin? It seemed more than a simple friendship and not in the good way. 

"Well, anyway..." The man pulled open a drawer and searched through it with his meaty hands, eventually pulling a folder out. He handed it to Leopold. "Here are the details we have gotten about the assailants. It's not much, but hopefully it will help you and your men."

Leopold shuffled through the papers, finding nothing different than the report he had gotten back in Galabria. He wasn't surprised, though he did wish the man had more to tell. "So, I take it there is no clue who or what the culprit could be?"


"Very well." Leopold closed the folder and turned to leave, eyeing the spot Harris had been looking at earlier. 

Leopold was surprised to see a large wooden mask on the wall. It had odd blocky features like it was carved from stone, instead of wood. Was it a representation of something? The captain put the thought into the back of his mind and walked on. He had a more important job to attend to first.

The End

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