Drakmor: The Firstmate

Drakmor walked away from the building when Captain Briar told him he couldn't enter. Maybe he could buy some parts for Val? The motorcycle needed a few minor repairs thanks to that brute Baron's handling of it. Val wasn't meant to be carried, only driven.

A distance away, Dina talked to some scrawny boy. Drakmor was about to walk over when he realized Dina was safe. After all, Drakmor didn't think even Baron could take her if she tried hard enough. The girl had the instincts of any wolf and the physical power that exceeded wolves and humans. 

"Where are you off to?" Sage's voice said from behind Drakmor. Drakmor sighed. He really didn't want to be in her company. He still felt bad for the incident nearly two weeks back.

"Gathering parts for the motorcycle," Drakmor replied, then walked off. He was planning on finding a place to rest as well.

Earlier that morning, Drakmor and Dina had recovered Sage from a hiding spot. Maze, the demonic first-mate of the Jackdaw, had come with a dozen men and together with Drakmor they scoured the forest for what Sage claimed to be a vampire. After hours of searching, though, Maze had called it off. Drakmor, Dina, and Sage went with the first-mate, only to head into Masair right after getting near the Jackdaw. 

And, with all that had happened - Dethnus, the zombies, Scarlet, and the latest event with the 'vampire' - Drakmor felt tired.

Sage didn't follow, thankfully, but Maze appeared out of nowhere and did follow Drakmor. 

Irritably, Drakmor ran his hands through his long silver hair and beard. For some reason, the length annoyed him as well. What was it with the Jackdaw crew members taking an interest in Drakmor? The sooner he died, the better.

"You have an odd aura, Steelcrusher." Maze's voice forced a shiver through Drakmor. He knew the first-mate was a demon, but he had never talked to the man before. The fact of his bloodline was now just hitting Drakmor.

"Where did you hear that name?" Drakmor asked softly. He had once been called that fro escaping his steel prison on numerous occasions back in that accursed underground facility. How did this demon know it?

Maze caught up to Drakmor, bringing his large frame and red spiky hair in to Drakmor's view. Drakmor tried to avoid the demon's flaming eyes. Dethnus, though Drakmor hated him, was smart. He had told Drakmor to be wary of demons. 

"The crew started that name when you muttered it in your sleep," Maze said casually, "It was a joke at first, but after the Dragons, the Banshee, and you punching the Jackdaw's frame, they started to say it in an approving manner. I just use it because I don't like your real name." Maze finished a short laugh. So, he could laugh.

"Well, I can crush steel I suppose," Drakmor rumbled. He needed to stop showing off, though he liked to do so. "Why is it you don't like my name?" 

Maze looked at him curiously. "In DemonTongue, it means 'Bringer of Despair.'" 

Drakmor barked a laugh. He never knew where his name came from, only that Valeria had given it to him. In a sick way, this Maze had hit the jackpot. Drakmor was just a bringer of despair. Sometimes it was despair to those who deserved it, but most of the time that was not the case.

"Say, demon, would you like to drink with me?"

"Why not?"

Drakmor and Maze headed off to the bar, both aware of the two slender men following them. 

The End

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