Leopold Briar - Reinforcements

Leopold Briar sat in his quarters, not wanting to take eat the soup he had fetched from Borris earlier. His head pounded from all the alcohol the night before. He wondered where that man had went? Leopold remembered him to be Jim. The last name wouldn't come to his mind, but it didn't matter.

"I shouldn't have forgotten him," Leopold muttered to himself. He sighed and went to eating his soup. Surprisingly, it was very good. Borris must have been sober when he was cooking it up.

They were in Masair. Leopold smiled slightly. It had taken seemingly forever, but the Jackdaw had finally made it to the small town. It was on the border, so most of the people that Maze had spoken to upon arrival were surprised the Capitol had sent help. 

A knock came to Leopold's door. 

"What is it?" He called between spoonfuls of soup.

"Cap'n," Fenlock's voice shouted through the thick door, "We 'ave that Darrol fellow 'ere an' he's got a message from Vayr." 

Leopold sighed. This man again? He had thought himself rid of the freeloader back in Mandenport. "What's the message, Fenlock?"

"He wants us to pr'pare th' ship to leave, Cap'n."

Leopold frowned. What trouble had they brought now? Between the run in with the Black Swamp dragons and Banshees, the Siren, and Drakmor's attacker back in Mandenport, Leopold had thought his crew safe from any further harm. Did Lady Luck just not like the Jackdaw as of late?

"Prepare the men for battle, just in case," Leopold shouted, then dismissed the man. They could not leave Masair until they took care of the job. Vayr would just have to survive until Leopold could send backup. 

Leopold finished his soup, throwing the bowl on his dest, and headed off to find Maze. If there was anyone he trusted to be reinforcements, it was his first-mate.

The End

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