Drakmor ran through the forest, concern and surprise for that concern running through him. Why should he care about anyone's life when he couldn't care about his own? He knew it was stupid, but he felt as if he needed to save Dina if she was in trouble. Drakmor hadn't cared for the she-wolf when he first met, and grappled, her in that store room weeks before. Now, though.

It was like he had a friend again.

'Odd,' Drakmor thought as he neared where the gunshot had fired, 'I don't remember thinking of any of these people as friends.'

Dina appeared in front of him in her wolf form, followed by a man. Drakmor, ignoring the small lycan's gleeful face, charged at the man he recognized as Darrol. He held some large, and dead, creature in an enlarged arm and his rifle in the other, so Drakmor was sure he could take him. But just in case he couldn't... 

Drakmor surged his blood, increasing his senses and physical power throughout his body. It was invigorating every time he did it, but somehow doing it to protect always brought out a little extra glee in him. Pity he hated the glee. Drakmor crashed into Darrol, knocking the man on the ground and sending the corpse and his rifle away from him. 

Drakmor started to punch the man and knock him out when furry arms grabbed his mechanical one. He turned to see Dina. What the hell was she thinking?

"He got good intentions!" Dina barked. Drakmor blinked a few times before looking back to Darrol. The man coughed and glared at him.

Drakmor stood and offered his hand. "Sorry."

"Bloody right you're sorry!" Darrol snapped and jumped up. 

Dina tugged on his arm. "Tell captain to fly!" she said, "I get Sage." Dina started to take off, but Drakmor grabbed her arm. 

"Darrol!" Drakmor called, "Go to the Jackdaw and tell the Captain to prepare the ship and I'll pay you my last paycheck." Drakmor watched as the man went from annoyed to wide-eyed. He knew the wages of an official airship's crew was high. The Jackdaw was, by no means, different.

"Alright, man! You got a deal!" With a wink, Darrol changed his arm into an extrewmely large one and scooped up the dead corpse of the animal and grabbed his rifle, then took off to the north. Dina cocked her head slightly.

Drakmor realized why. "You were going the wrong way," Drakmor explained. Dina looked down sadly for a moment. Drakmor couldn't explain why, but he hated seeing her this way. Was this what it felt like being a father? To a furry little female lycan? Drakmor chuckled. He needed to die, not to raise a creature that could kill him. "Look, you found me, so that's a plus. Now let's go get Sage!" 

Drakmor tried to sound cheerful and, to his surprise, it worked. Dina changed and gave him a hug. Drakmor tried to ignore the fact that she was naked and hugged her back. She jumped when he did and quickly changed back.

"Let go!" Dina said, rushing toward Sage's location. Drakmor followed after her, having to surge his mercury blood just to keep up.

'Yes,' Drakmor thought, 'Dina is my first friend in this new place.'

The End

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