Sage ran towards the Jackdaw. The combination of fear mingling with her adrenaline caused her movements to be more clumsy than usual. As the slope of the forest declined her boot snagged on one of the many upturned roots. She screamed as her ankle twisted painfully and her legs collapsed.

 Sage pushed herself onto her knees and struggled to contain her cries of agony . Her breath was ragged from the effort. She felt someone's breath hot and moist on her neck. She stopped breathing altogether as a hand came over her mouth. Without thinking she shot her elbow back into her offender's rib cage.

She heard a disgruntled groan escape the man's mouth. Sage turned to face her pursuer head on. Her eyes widened in surprise. “Drakmor?” She rasped.

Drakmor held a hand up in surrender. “It's me, it's just me!” His voice came out rushed.

Sage barreled into him with relief. She waited for the pounding in her chest to steady, before glancing upwards. Then she realized she was hugging Drakmor and her heart beat increased. Tentatively he lowered his arms succumbing to the embrace. The weight of his robotic arm crushed against her back. It was uncomfortable, but it wasn't enough to make Sage relinquish her hold on him.

An echo of a gun shot sounded through the forest. Abruptly, Sage pushed her hands against Drakmor's chest struggling to free herself. He glanced at her curiously.

“Dina,” Sage whispered before struggling to stand. She grimaced when she tried to put weight on her ankle. Drakmor shook his head torn. “Go! Go get Dina to and then go warn the crew. Tell the captain he has to leave now! I'm fine!” Sage demanded.

Without a second glance Drakmor stood up and took off in Dina's direction. Sage covered her legs with fallen leaves, doing her best to blend into the forest. If she couldn't runt he least she could do was hide. As it was there could have been more vampires nearby. Sage decided she would rest for the night then hobble her way out of the forest and decide how to catch up to the jackdaw. She leaned up against a tree trunk, ignoring the throbbing pain in her ankle. Her determination kept her alert and aware.  

The End

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