Dina could feel her hind leg muscles protesting as she ran. She knew she wouldn't make the ship fast enough if her pace kept slowing as it was. She halted a new scent invaded her sense, it was one she had discovered on the ship. But a crewman stood between her and the dingy steps leading to its source. He'd told her she shouldn't have anything to do with the man and she'd chosen to let the subject lie.
His scent was getting stronger, along with the smell of blood. Dina breathed in quickly, trying to figure out if Sage was hurt, but the blood didn't carry her signature. She approached cautiously, keeping to her wolf form in order to blend in better with the bark and overgrown leaves around her. She knew her brown fur would be easier to hide than a pale-skinned naked girl. Though based on some of the cruder conversations she'd overheard, that could be a good tactic to catch the person by surprise, if they were male anyway.

The man came into view, there was a huge dead beast slung over his shoulder, a gun of some kind hanging lazily from his hip. Though she had no doubts that that could slow his ability to fire at her. If Drakmor had taught her anything, it was to fear any firearm. They looked harmless, but they hurt. She saw him pause and scan the surroundings. Dina knew she'd stayed absolutely still and perked her ears. Sage, she was running away from whatever attacked her, but doing so loudly.
Dina couldn't pause to think, she had no clue if this man was a friend or foe. And Sage could already have been hurt badly. She emerged from the bushes and at least got the satisfaction of seeing surprise flint across his features before he threw the carcass away and reached for his gun. Dina angled herself so she hit him on his right side, the side that the gun hung from. They collided and sprawled head over heels onto the ground. She heard something crack but couldn't be sure of what it was. Before she could take advantage and pin him she was thrown back, her shoulder connecting painfully with a tree. She heard a whine escape her throat and met the man's glance.

He had his gun out, pointed at her. And they were too close that she could successfully dodge any damage. And yet, he wasn't pulling the trigger. He watched her with curiosity before signing and putting his gun back in its holster.
“I don't have time to waste fighting some whelp lycan,” He said and turned to leave. Dina considered attacking his back but doubted she'd get such a lucky second chance. Then Sage screamed. Dina bolted, not caring that her shoulder was injured. She heard footsteps crunch twigs behind her. She didn't have time to deal with a possible stranger. She glanced around, seeing the tree she'd hidden a small knife under. She transformed quickly and grabbed it, turning on the man. The surprise was certainly more impressive than the first time. Guess the drunk men were right there.
“You have good intentions? Or the bad kind?” She asked, practically snarling the sentence. Annoyance marred his expression and he looked ready to yell curse words when Sage yelled again. Dina jumped at the sound.

“Answer fast!” she yelled through gritted teeth. He stepped back a little and gave a resigned sign.
“I have no intention of hurting anyone,” He replied. Dina studied him for a few seconds, feeling them drag out.
“Fine. But you change, I bite,” She yelled. The last word turning into a low growl as she swiftly changed. She thought she heard him laughing at that but choose to ignore it. Sage was all she needed to worry about now.

The End

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