Idle Philosophy of a Condemned Man

Drakmor walked the corridors of the Jackdaw, watching a giant bat-like wing keep the airship afloat. His life had become more complicated, but in a way he hadn't forseen.

He had awoken to Dina curled up beside his bed, in her wolf form. It was remarkable, really. A few days ago, the girl couldn't even hold the transformation without incentive. Now, she could hold it in her sleep.

But... Why had she chosen to sleep next to his bed? How long had he been out, for that matter? When he awoke, he had wandered off to find the captain and report what happened. To his surprise, he found that everyone had been worried about him. Worried about Drakmor.

'Why would they worried about a condemned man?' Drakmor thought, truly confused. He had made it clear when he joined the Jackdaw that he was searching for Death. Why were they worried when he had come close? Could it be they actually cared for his safety?

"Dammit Dethnus," Drakmor cursed, "Why didn't you use real bullets?" Drakmor kept up his pace, ignoring two men who congratulated him on surviving.

As he rounded a corner, Drakmor came into contact with a fist. He rolled back and stood in a battle-ready stance, only to find Baron in front of him.

"What do you want?" Drakmor snarled. He didn't have the patience to deal with this man.

"I want to know why you lie to yourself and to the others," Baron replied, drawing his sword. It seemed he had taken it back from Drakmor during his time unconscious. 

"I lie to no one, halfling," Drakmor replied, straightening himself and turning from the 'halfling.' That was what he remembered his mother calling Baron. Drakmor's mother... a force he did not want to confront again.

A movement behind Drakmor caused him to instinctively duck, barely missing a slice from Baron's sword that would have otherwise decapitated Drakmor. He rolled forward and spun to face the man, only to find the man smiling viciously. He looked like a tyrant who had just captured a new land.

"So," the man said, sheathing his massive sword, "You do want to live."

"That's not-"

"Shut up," Baron interrupted, a snarl twisting across his face. "For some reason, the Siren respects you and cares for you. If you die, it will hurt her. Stop being selfish." With that, Baron walked off.

Drakmor slumped, finally realizing why Valeria had said what she had. He was so stupid.

The End

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