Dina: Don't Die!

Dina ignored Sage's words to leave Drakmor's room and rest herself. But she didn't care about the wound on her arm or the fake that when she walked it was with a slight limp. She was more concerned that Drakmor still hadn't woken up. As such she'd taken residence in the armchair in his room. She curled into a ball and refused to let her mind drift into sleep.
She heard footsteps and saw Sage enter and release a defeated sigh.
“Here,” she said, putting a plate of chicken and vegetables on the table beside the armchair.
“At least eat something,” Sage said. She then pulled open one of the rooms drawers and handed Dina a blanket.

“And stay warm. The captain says we should be in Masaire by sun's light,” Sage explained. Dina nodded and turned her attention back to the rise ad fall of Drakmor's chest. She felt anger shake her. Why had she left? The captain and the others didn't arrive to help until it was too late and Drakmor had been hurt. When Dina had heard one of the men shout the word “dead” she nearly burst into tears. But then Baron reassured her they were wrong.
Eventually the only sounds Dina could hear was the creaks of the ship as it moved. She stood up and headed upstairs.

“I'm still going to train,” she said to Drakmor before she left. She reached top deck quickly, now having a full map of the ship etched into her mind. She preferred doing this at night, when there were less distractions and starring eyes. She removed her cloths so they wouldn't get damaged in the process and concentrated on the dark clouds above. Concentrating only on her breaths. Holding the second longer and longer as she went. Eventually when she knew her body was relaxed she tensed up each muscle. Feeling the human strength of them. Then she imagined what they were like in her other form. The pumping of her hind legs. The padded foot with curled claws in place of her hands. The longer maw that could smell so much more than her human one could. When she reopened her eyes it was in her wolfen form. She'd only managed a few times and with a yip of wolfish joy she turned and raced back to Drakmor's room. Dina saw he was still asleep. Why she thought a perfect success would help she didn't know. She felt a pathetic whimper escape as she curled into a ball on the floor next to the bed. Praying and wishing for Drakmor to get better.

It was early dawn light that made Dina blink awake. She realised she returned to humans form and moved to cover herself. But looked down to see the blanket that had been on the armchair covering her. She glanced at the bed to see that it was empty. Dina stood up and wrapped the rug round her. She raced to her and Sage's room to get dressed. More than a skip in her step as she moved. She raced back on deck when she was dressed and barrelled into Drakmor. If it weren't for his strength she might've knocked him to the ground with the force of it.
“Woah, nice to see you too,” he said with a laugh.
“Don't die!” Dina yelled, her body trembling. She knew she was making a spectacle of herself in front of the other crew but she didn't care. The idea of Drakmor dying hurt too much. She watched a series of emotions play across his face as he stumbled for an answer.
“Dina, I can't-” he began

“Promise!” she shouted. Her voice gaining pitch, she could feel her eyes starting to water.
“How about an “I'll try”. Is that good enough?” he asked finally with a defeated sigh.
“It'll do, for now,” Dina said, feeling herself calm down. Drakmor laughed and shook his head. He got called away by someone and waved a quick goodbye. Dina watched him leave, happy he was walking again.

The End

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