Rest Assured

Sage began to make her way over towards Drakmor, when Baron grabbed her arm and lead her upstairs. He ushered her onto the roped ladder. He didn't even struggle as Sage slashed about in his arms, willing him to release his grip on her. “Let me go you ogre!”

“Let me go down there first to make sure it is safe. There could be more Zombies.”

Sage hated being patronized, she didn't come from weak blood lines. Corrupt maybe, but definitely not weak.“I'm not waiting here like a sitting duck, for some damn ninja to appear from the rafters again,” she argued.

Baron sighed.“Don't make me put you in the sleeper hold Siren, just do as your hold. This is no business for mortals. Now collect your bow and those weapons on the floor, and don't even think about running or I swear I'll yank you by yer hair next time.”

Instinctively Sage ran a hand over the plaited hair that fell down her back like a whip. Most of her hair had escaped the braid and was fallen in front of her face, much to her annoyance. She glanced at Baron before gathering the weapons.

“Catch.” She said throwing him the crossbow. The distraction bought her enough time to jump through the trap door. It was Baron who screamed in frustration as she jumped through the entry way to the basement.She landed on her hands and knee, which would surely be bruised in the morning.

A couple feet away Drakmor was lying, bedded down in the hay. She made her way over to him. The first thing she noticed was that his chest was rising up and falling down. He was still breathing in a normal pattern. He looked as if he were sleeping. He looked peaceful, serene even. She studied his face for a moment. His skin had an odd pallor to it. In the right light it seemed iridescent, alluring. Before she could stop herself, she reached out touch his cheek. She could not tell if he was cold or if she was particularly warm. She ran her thumb over the deep cut that the broken seashell had procured on his cheek.

Even though she had hurt Drakmor while protecting herself, the guilt of the ordeal still stayed with her. He was her friend after all. She lowered her face, and pressed a soft kiss to the scar. The graceful sound of footsteps landing on the floor beside her, had her up and on her feet, standing all to rigid. Baron eyed her suspiciously, before turning his attention to Drakmor. He knelt down next to the comrade, before declaring his condition. “He is going to be fine, but we better get on out way now so Elekiel can have a look at him. I'll get you two back to the airship, where you can explain everything to the captain. I'm sure this will sober the old man up," he laughed bitterly.  "I'll return for the weapons and the bike.”

Sage nodded solemnly unable to meet Baron's eyes. She felt responsible for the situation they were in. She should have payed the butcher yesterday instead of wandering off into town. This all could have been prevented.

Baron knelt down to pick up Drakmor. He flung the man over his shoulder and reached out a hand for Sage. She closed her eyes in anticipation. She knew Baron's method's of travel were unconventional to say the least, but the sensation made her queasy. She opened her eyes, that was her first mistake. She realized she was in a dark abyss. She could feel Baron next to her, but she could see nothing. It was worse than being on Drakmor's bike. She felt as if she were soaring through a dark hole, and the bottom of her stomach was going to fall out. She couldn't feel anything beneath her feet, only air. She dug her nails into Baron's palm willing him to slow down. A moment later she felt her feet slam into a familiar wooden deck. Baron released her hand.

Sage fell to her knees. Her surroundings seemed to spin about, tauntingly. She grasped the railing to upright herself. Baron of course was fine, he was already walking away with Drakmor into the infirmary. He threw her an unreadable look over his shoulder. What was the matter with him?

The End

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