"So,you have a new girlfriend?" Dethnus asked when Drakmor landed on the packed hey. He stood in the same place he had been in when Drakmor left. 

"A comrade," Drakmor replied, growing angry. First, the man had abandoned him to become a weapon, and now he had left him in this world. It wasn't that he hated it here, Drakmor just hated being sent places. 

"Of course," Dethnus said, pulling his red blade from the ground. For some reason, it now bore a crack. 

Drakmor surged his blood and ran at his father. Dethnus just sat smiling. It was infuriating! Blade met blade and a high pitched noise rang through the air. Drakmor cringed slightly as his ears took in the noise and amplified them. Pushing Dethnus back, Drakmor pulled out a knife and threw it at the man's head. 

Dethnus dodged and pulled a revolver. " I can do long range too, son," Dethnus smirked, aiming his gun at Drakmor. Three shots rang off and the bullets traveled directly into Drakmor's head. Darkness blurred his vision and he fell backwards. 

"I see," a female voice said, "he still has too much hate and anger in him. At this rate, he will be used against the others."

"I know," Dethnus said to the female, "I guess we'll leave him for a bit longer then, Scarlet."

"At least give him to the nephilim upstairs," the female retorted. 

What was going on? Drakmor couldn't move or see, but he was somehow still conscious. He felt himself being picked up.

"Well, he is heavy," Dethnus said.

"Maybe you shouldn't have used those rubber bullets to knock him out then!" the female voice yelled. She seemed to be worried.

"What have you done!" Sage's voice yelled out. 

"Relax, he's alive and well, just stupid," Dethnus said.

"I will not allow you to leave," a voice Drakmor recognized as Baron's said.

"You have little choice, halfling," Dethnus said. Drakmor started to see then.

A woman with red hair stood above him, examining him with a worried expression. Beside her stood Dethnus. He smiled at Drakmor before opening some strange portal. 

"See you later, dear," the woman said before following Dethnus through the portal. It winked out of existence a moment later.

Drakmor's vision darkened. He was blacking out again. Curse his forehead! It was the only weak spot on his body. How had Dethnus known?

'Dammit dammit dammit...' Dethnus thought as he blacked out.

The End

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