Drakmor's Father

Drakmor watched the shadows, looking for the other Zombie. He hadn't thought he would find any here. Of course, he hadn't thought they existed until Dethnus had used them just weeks before.

A shadow wavered to his left. Shoving Sage behind him, Drakmor pulled a knife. He always had a few on him, though he did wish he had his sword instead. But he had left it upstairs on accident. Along with his bike.

'Damnit Sage,' Drakmor thought, eyeing the Zombie as it walked toward them. It's head wasn't attached to its body, for some reason, so decapitation was out. Not to mention it hadn't worked on Dethnus' zombies.             

Jumping forward, Drakmor surged his blood and punched the creature in it's torso, creating a large gap. The Zombie flew back from the hit and crumpled against the wall it hit. Luckily, it didn't get back up.

"Was that the last one?" Sage asked from behind him. She seemed shaken. It was no wonder, though. Drakmor had seen a lot before he faced a living corpse and it still had shocked him.

"So long as 'he' isn't here," Drakmor replied.

"Who is 'he,'" she asked back. 

"I guess she means me, then," a familiar voice said from the darkness. Drakmor jerked toward the sound of Dethnus' voice just in time to see the hooded man come out of the shadows. A white beard spilled out of the slender man's hood, making Drakmor sure of the man's identity. 

"Who are you?" Sage asked, gripping her makeshift weapon tightly. Though she stood no chance against this man, she stood strong. Drakmor almost laughed.

"Well, Abel, are you going to introduce me?" Dethnus asked Drakmor, looking at him with his odd red and black eyes. 

"My name is Drakmor Vayr, not Abel Ackearose," Drakmor said, rushing toward Dethnus. He WOULD kill this man.

Pulling a red blade, Dethnus blocked Drakmor's knife. A cracking sound, followed by a snap, forced Drakmor to pull back. He dropped the broken knife and pulled two more. 

"Have you learned the value of life?" Dethnus asked. Drakmor looked to Sage, who sat back a ways, obviously looking for an opening. 

Surging his blood, Drakmor rushed to her and scooped her up. She could get hurt in this fight and he refused to let any of the Jackdaw die in his fight.

"Put me down!" Sage yelled at him. 

"Just wait," Drakmor said, running to where they fell through the trapdoor. Flaring his mercury blood, he jumped to the top of the passage and landed shakily in the butchers shop.

"What happened!?" Baron yelled out as he rushed to meet them. What was he doing here? 

"Take Sage away from here. I have business to attend," Drakmor told the man.

"Maybe I should help," Baron said, smiling. It was obvious he wanted to test his mettle. But it was foolish. 

"No," Drakmor said, grabbing the sword off the ground. Before Baron or Sage could say anything to stop him, Drakmor jumped through the trapdoor.

The End

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