Trap Door

Sage couldn't help but scream as a bullet flew past her ear, seeking out her captor. The man released his hold on her and fell to the ground. Sage stole a moment to glance at the man. A pool of blood was rapidly forming around his head. Did he deserve such fate? She shrugged the question off. After all it was either her or the man...

Sage ran towards Drakmor, who was surveying the inside of the musty butcher shop. Animal carcasses hung from the rafters of the ceiling. The floor was damp and dirty. Sage felt sick to her stomach in this place. She would have to ask the captain to let her hunt for their meat from now on. The pig man was too well... pig headed and vile to properly hunt and skin anything she would eat. She glanced back at Drakmor, who was undoubtedly looking for the sniper who had shot the bounty hunter down.

“Give it a rest, he did us a justice by killing that man.” Sage had to admit.

Drakmor shook his head, his hand, she noticed was coiled into a fist. “Don't be so naïve as to think so. Let's get out of here before-”

“Before what?!” A masked man asked as he dropped to the floor. He was bulky but stealthy enough to remain unnoticed until now. He must have been hiding in the rafters, Sage thought. Before they could dwell on the man's intention's he threw his fist into Drakmor's nose. Caught off guard, Drakmor fell to the dirt floor. The man tried to grab for Sage, but she was quicker than he was. She grabbed for the butcher knife sheathed at his hip. The man reached out for her arm. His fingers dug into her flesh. Sage retaliated by driving the knife into the man's shoulder. He hollered in pain. He grabbed Sage by her collar with his free hand. He mustered up his strength to throw her into Drakmor. In the same instance Drakmor's blade went flying into the man's forehead, finishing him off. Sage got up awkwardly from where she landed sprawled on top of Drakmor. She pushed the hair out of her face. She reached out a hand to help Drakmor up. Drakmor got up and pushed Sage behind him, as a third man approached them.

The third man held a crossbow. Far more expensive looking than her's. He aimed it at Drakmor. An arrow sliced through the skin on Drakmor's mechanic arm. If he felt any pain, she didn't see it register on his face.

Drakmor ran full speed at the man, barreling into him and knocking him to the floor. His fist clipped the man so hard in the jaw it rendered him unconscious.

Drakmor did a 360 of the room and turned towards Sage. “I think that was the last of them, he said retrieving his knife from the second offender and stealing the man's crossbow. He handed it to Sage. “It's all yours now.”

Sage smiled and managed a thank you. She wouldn't admit how shaken up she was from the encounter. Something behind Drakmor caught her attention. It was a crooked painting. What an odd place to hang a painting, She thought. She edged closer to Drakmor, to get a better look at it. Drakmor's eye's went wide, as he was unsure of her motives. He edged closer to the wall, backing away from her uncertainty. Sage was inches away from Drakmor as she reached out above his shoulder. Instinctively she straightened the painting. Before she knew what was happening the floor fell out from under them. They screamed as they plunged some fifty feet below the ground.

They landed with a thud. Luckily the ground had been packed with straw. Sage stood up, but Drakmor was quicker and already on his feet.

“You couldn't resist could you?!” He hollered. “I left my bike out there unattended!”

Sage shrieked back. “I'm sorry it was instinctive...and as for your bike... I'm sure only a mad man would try to steal that death trap!”

Drakmor scoffed, “I forget how young you still are.”

Sage ignored him. A shimmering object beneath the straw had caught her eye. She knelt down and began pushing the straw aside. Drakmor walked towards her as she unveiled a solid gold cup. She laughed with glee as she held it up. “Is it real?”

Drakmor reached out for the cup. He examined it for a minute before declaring, “Yes.” He said in awe. “This could be worth a fortune!”

“Give it back than.” Sage said stealing the cup away from him. She held it to her chest. “Look under the straw their could be more treasures,” she said.

Sure enough the ground was packed with gold tokens. “Unbelievable,” Drakmor whispered, filling his pockets with gold. Sage was greedily pocketing the coins herself, when she noticed her arm was covered in blood. She hadn't remembered being cut in the warehouse. She felt a drop hit her square in the nose, she looked up towards it's source. Scaling the ceiling was a headless corpse, carrying his severed head in his arms. The head wore a malicious grin. Torn arteries hung out of place, dripping mass quantities of blood. Sage took a moment to recover from shock before screaming senselessly.

She felt a hand clamp over her mouth, and an arm lead her away from the corpse on the ceiling. She dropped the golden chalice. In fear that she had been seized by another corpse, she tried to wriggle herself free.

“Stop.” A familiar voice said.

Sage sighed in relief, at the sound of Drakmor's voice. He removed his hand. “Be quiet he warned. The Zombies aren't very clever. If they can't hear us they most likely won't find us.”

Sage wrapped her arms about herself. “What are Zombies? Have you dealt with these creatures before ?”

Drakmor nodded his head. They moved further into a tunneling corner of the basement. Sage took a moment to find another weapon. She dropped the new crossbow in the butcher shop. Against the wall she found what looked like an old table. She tore one leg off of the bottom of it. It wasn't hard as the wood was mostly rotted. A nail stuck out of the top of the leg. Perfect, she had thought. She turned to make her way back towards Drakmor. She gasped when she realized the Zombie behind him. It was a female. Her skin was gray and most of her white hair had fallen out. Her clothes were mere rags that hardly covered her decrepit body. Drakmor's back was turned to the creature. “Is that a new perfume Sage? It smells like...roses” He had asked, mistaking the Zombie for Sage.

Sage was quiet as the Zombie came closer to Drakmor. Just as Drakmor whirled around, Sage struck it in the back with the torn table piece. The Zombie fell to the ground with the nail lodged into her back. These creatures were horrid and scary, but resilient they were not. Sage stood over the unconscious zombie she raised the piece of wood. Before she could strike it again, Drakmor grabbed the piece of wood from her again. “No need you killed it. It’s dead...again.” He informed.

Sage steadied her breath. “What are Zombies Drakmor? What do they do?”

Drakmor handed Sage back the piece of wood. “ If they get close enough steal your soul. Be on guard there is still one left.”

The End

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