Being Helpful

Darrol walked the streets trying to decide on how he should approach Leopold. The man was stern and demanded authority, just like Darrol's father. Yet, the captain seemed to care about his crew and was very well educated, despite having blind faith in that cursed kingdom.

For some reason, the street Darrol walked was empty. A little farther down the road, he saw a metal construction that resembled a motorcycle. It was too bulky to be useful, surely. Who would drive a thing? Then he saw the men knocked out on the ground and the door to the butcher's shop open. 

'Couldn't hurt to peek,' Darrol thought. As he looked through the windows, he heard the voices.

"... do you mean she has a bounty?" A rough voice said.

"I mean, she is wanted by the higher ups fer somethin'," another voice said, "Now how about you make me a higher offer?"

"I.. I don't have the money," the first voice said again, "But I do have the skills to kill you."

"He won't kill me," a familiar female voice said, "I'm worth too much."

So, it was a heist, eh? And that voice belonged to the female cook on the Jackdaw. Maybe this was an opportunity?

Darrol pointed his gun inside the shop, careful to avoid being seen, and aimed at the bigger man's head. He had the small girl in his grasp and was facing a silver skinned man with white hair. How odd.

Squeezing the trigger, Darrol watched as the cook girl's captor's head exploded from the bullet. 

The End

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