Second Training Lesson

Drakmor sat on Val, unsure of what to do. He almost followed Sage into the butcher shop, but shot down the idea. No need to bother her. 

Behind him, he heard people yell at something. Turning, Drakmor saw a small creature running toward him. Dina changed as she came to a stop beside Val and Drakmor. She seemed tired, but if she had run from the Jackdaw, it was no wonder.

"Any luck in controlling your transformation?" Drakmor asked, ignoring the people muttering around them. They were pathetic. Just because someone was different, didn't mean they were bad. 

"No, but Captain says everyone should come back. Heading back soon," the she-wolf said in a hurry, still breathing hard. Had she been practicing like Drakmor told her to?

"Alright, I'm just waiting on-," Drakmor cut off as he saw several men surround him. Another man walked away from the group and into the butcher's shop. They each had matching swords and guns. Their clothing made Drakmor believe them to be ruffians. It was a good thing, too. Drakmor didn't feel like killing a guard.

"Dina," Drakmor said in a low voice, "Remember how I told you experience is everything?" She nodded without taking her eyes off the men. "Time to get some."

Dina changed into her other self as Drakmor pulled his handgun. The men reacted by pulling their guns and aiming at Dina. Big mistake on their part. Drakmor squeezed of several rounds, shooting the guns out of their hands. Drakmor was a decent shot from far off, but in close range, such as this, he was a master marksman.

One man ran to grab his pistol, only to find it was damaged beyond repair. The others just pulled swords and closed in fast. They thought Drakmor was above killing them. They thought wrong. 

Before he could shoot any of the brutes, however, Dina charged and punched one in the stomach. Though she was not as strong as Drakmor, she was still stronger than most men. The man fell back and dropped his sword. He wouldn't be getting back up, either. 

Dina continued to punch another man, apparently trying to avoid using her claws. That wasn't a good practice, really, but Drakmor wasn't going to stop her. Nothing changes a person like killing someone. Before she had gotten far, the ruffians realized they wouldn't win, so they took off before Dina could get to them.

"Dina!" Drakmor yelled as he jumped off his bike, "Go tell the Captain we're on our way!"

As Dina ran off down the street, Drakmor burst into the Butchers shop to find Sage at knife point with a man of huge stature standing behind her. 

"Dammit...," Drakmor said.

The End

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