Sage felt dizzy walking forward. The only thing experience that the she could compare to riding Drakmor's bike, was riding her horse Nera. She hadn't realized just how much she missed her animal companion until now. She couldn't help but smile through her nostalgia. Drakmor was reckless, but the bike had made him smile, so she couldn't hate it. She walked into the butcher shop feeling much happier than she had this morning. She clutched the satchel bag Baron had supplied her. It was dark and moist in the inside of the building. The smell of raw meat,only made her feel nauseous after the intense bike ride.

“Hello? Butcher?” Her voice rang out. Nobody answered, she was about to turn around. When she felt a hand go around her waist. At first she thought it was Drakmor, but she quickly realized that didn't add up. She tried screaming for help, but a balmy hand had covered her mouth to muffle the sound of it.

“One wrong move, and your friend out there is as good as dead.” A low voice spoke into her ear.

She nodded obligingly, she tried to look over her shoulder at the shadowed man behind her, but he held her too tightly. Of all times for her not to have her bow, she thought. She nearly stomped her foot in frustration. She hated Mandenport and it's rotten citizens.

“Now dolly, is this you?” The man held out a detailed sketch of Sage, she had to squint to see it in the dimly light space.The words bounty reward stuck out above her picture. She shook her head. “No.” she said.

She felt something cool pierce into her neck. “Don't lie to me Girlie. I've been watchin you and yer friends on that Jackdaw there.” He panted. She could feel the heat of his breath contrasting with the steely cool of his knife blade against her skin.

She hesitated for a moment, searching for something to use on the man, she found nothing. “They won't want me if I'm dead.” She warned.

The man paused, he thought about this for a moment. “So it you Miss Rosewood?”

Sage smiled, “Absolutely.” She said before headbutting the man hard enough to hear the crack of his crooked nose. She took advantage of the opportunity to escape from his clutch. She ran towards the door . The man had recovered quickly though. She felt her skirt snag on something.

The End

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