To the Butcher's

Drakmor drove through the streets of Mandenport, careful not to go too fast. He didn't want to scare the woman holding on to him any more than he already had. Everytime he hit a bump, Sage's deathgrip tightened. Should he not be going over one hundred? Valeria and Vivi both had yelled at him for speeding, but here there weren't many vehicles. That meant no speed limit.

Drakmor had extended the seat of his machine so Sage wouldn't be forced so close when she rode behind him. It hadn't worked as he had planned. The moment he started up the loud engine, she had grasped onto him. Drakmor could see why, though. The machine was louder than any vehicle he had drove since it wasn't as compact and as smooth running as other vehicles. But it still worked well, if a bit more rough.

Of course, Drakmor still felt goosebumps from when he originally took off. He knew he made it with a lot of torque, but the takeoff had forced him to flare his blood just to stay on. It was amazing, really. It took everything in his mental power to resist the urge to do it again with Sage on the back. But the feel of all that sudden speed was only a fraction of the reason it was hard not too do so. 

Baron had been watching.

Drakmor smiled. Though he still felt a pang of guilt around Sage, he was glad to be relied on again. It showed that she wasn't upset about the incident. Drakmor would always feel guilty for it, though. He should have known Val wouldn't make him do those things...

"It's just ahead," Sage yelled over the wind. Drakmor nodded and slowed down. Some people - mostly kids - they passed stared in awe. Others had angry looks on their faces. It was kind of funny, though. Drakmor always loved it when he could inspire children and piss off adults. It showed he wasn't as old as he felt.

A mischievous thought came to mind as Drakmor and Sage approached the butchers. Turning sharply, Drakmor slid Val sideways. He drifted along the ground, Sage's grip tightening, and eventually came to a stop.

Drakmor started to laugh, but stopped when his guilt came up. He shouldn't be doing this to Sage, even if it was just a joke. She had enough to be mad at him.

Sage awkwardly got off Val and shot him a menacing look, to which he looked away.

He was supposed to be awaiting death, why was he causing trouble with others?

The End

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