Baron woke groggily. He was careful not to wake the dame besides him. He shook his head, as he pulled on his trousers. What had happened last night? He reached in his pocket, to make sure the coins were still there. They were his winnings from a card game, that much he had remembered. The events that followed were a bit more hazy. Obviously he had a fun time celebrating his victory. He eyed the women besides him. Her face and lips were smeared with far too much makeup. Last night he found it alluring, this morning it only repeled him

He slipped out of the Saloon apartment. His coins jangled as he made his way back to the Jackdaw. His gleeful mood was interrupted when a man zoomed passed him on a bike, splashing him with mud. Was that Vayr? What exactly was he riding? The engine was something to be admired. Baron couldn't help but feel envious of his nemesis.

Aboard the Jackdaw the crew seemed rather sluggish today. The Captain was nursing a headache, so men were free of any additional orders. Baron sought out Sage and Dina. Hoping to impress them with his winnings. The door to their room was slightly ajar. Although it was mid afternoon, Dina was fast asleep. Training with Vayr seemed to be taking a toll out of her. He covered the lycan, careful not to wake her, before he walked away to find Sage.He found her in the weapons room of all places. She was seated at a small desk musing over her bow. “Aye, Siren there you are.” He greeted.

Sage muttered something incomprehensible, without bothering to look up at him. Curious he glanced over her shoulder at the bow. The sights were off, even more disturbing were the state of her arrows. “What happened?” He demanded.

Frustrated she set the bow back on the desk with a jarring thud. “Bad night.” Was all she offered, he respected her privacy and didn't pry. He picked up the bow, he was no weapons expert. “It's alright, the captain will fix it once he awakes from his stupor.” He reassured.

Sage shook her head. “No.He won't want to help me once he learns what I've done.”

“What have you done?” Baron asked.

Sage set her bow down, and turned to face him. “I've lost the money captain supplied me for the butcher.” She admitted. She was still trying to figure out how could she have been so careless and selfish last night. What would Baron think of her now? Maybe he would stop holding her to such high standards. She felt human, severely flawed. Under the watchful eye of a demigod her faults only seemed more prominent.

Baron reached into his pocket, he supplied a small satchel bag. He set it on the desk in front of her. “Is that enough?” He asked.

Sage opened the bag to count the coins. “Aye, Where did you get this?”

“I won it.” He replied.

Sage tried handing him the bag back. “I couldn't possibly take your winnings.”

Baron refused to take the money back. “You can and you will.”

“I'll repay you.” She said quickly.

Baron smiled ruefully. “I will put it on your tab Siren. Now you better get to that butcher, before the captain wakes up and realizes he's hungry.”

“Aye.” Sage stood up. Awkwardly she reached her hand out for Baron to shake. He arched an eyebrow before shaking her hand. She hurriedly raced out of the room. Why did she always hold everyone an arms length away? He wondered, before turning his attention to his uncle's knife collection.

Sage took to the town cloaked in her hood. She couldn't risk running into anyone from The Flying Fish. She scorned herself for being so trusting of these people in the first place. She was going to pay the butcher and go back to the Jackdaw that was it, no detours. She decided.

The walk to the center of Mandenport seemed long and treacherous with the sun beaming down on her. Hey eyes stung and her head felt heavy. Her heart sank as she spotted Drakmor examining his make shift engine bike. She had to admit the mechanics of it were impressive, he was quite the engineer. She approached him cautiously. She hadn't exchanged more than a few words with him since the siren incident. Instinctively her hand went to her own cheek as she inspected the scar on Drakmor's face. He broke his gaze away from her. Sage recognized the sign of guilt.

“Drakmor?” She greeted uncertainty.

“Aye?” He said quietly.

“Can I have a ride to the Mandenport center?” She asked hoping to lighten the mood.

The End

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