Drakmor's hair whipped backwards as he drove his new machine down the beach. The engine roared and the wind howled, making Drakmor's ears fill with sound. The machine was working wonderfully so far, and it was fast to boot!

A hill came up fast and caught Drakmor unaware. The massive machine flew into the air. At first it felt amazing. The feeling of flying in such a way always excited Drakmor. The l;anding, however, was not so great. The front wheel touched the sand at an odd angle, causing the bike to roll. 

Drakmor was thrown from the bike and rolled instinctively. Getting back up, he examined his wrecked machine. Drakmor would be annoyed if he had broken it on the test run. Then again, that was the point of a test run when it came to Drakmor. He needed a durable ride, not a fragile one.

His bike had little damage. Just a few dents here and there. Drakmor sighed and picked up the machine. It was heavy, which had caused him to take back his idea of giving it away. He would need to make a more compact version for the captain. 

"Oh well," Drakmor sighed as he cranked the machine back up. He would work some of the few kinks out later. He flared the engine and took off back toward the Jackdaw. Maybe Dina would do better in her lesson today. He had left her to change back and forth between her forms. It was hard for her to change, it seemed, without an incentive. Drakmor hoped to remedy that.

As he hit a bump, he thought about her innate power. She didn't have Lorenzo's .... special ability, but she surpassed him in speed and would eventually surpass his strength. 

She would be amazing when he finished with her.

"Oh yeah!" Drakmor exclaimed as he drove down the beach. He had traveled a good ways it seemed. "This baby needs a name!"

Drakmor decided on Val. It was a good name for this machine.

The End

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