New Assignment.

Darrol Goldwynn walked through the busy streets of Mandenport, shouldering a large pack of skins. The captain of the Jackdaw had been generous for the ride, but he didn't plan to see them again. Plus, he had business to attend.

He had been in the port-city plenty of times and knew his way around, though that did not help with finding Karn. 

Karn always liked to move locations from time to time. Usually one would have to find his 'colleagues' in order to find him, but for Darrol that wasn't a good idea. After all, last time he was in Mandenport he 'lost' a couple thousand in cash. Although Karn had let it go, due to a long working relationship, his colleagues had not. 

Flagging down a policing soldier, Darrol asked for directions to the nearest pub. They were usually the best place for information and the low life peasants liked to gossip about where Karn lived. It didn't seem like interesting news to Darrol, but the movements of a gang leader were news to them. 

Darrol walked to the tavern named The Flying Fish, as per the directions of the soldier. It looked like a nice place and was located toward the docks. Darrol could even see the Jackdaw from it. It really was an impressive ship, despite its old age and wore looks. The mechanics who made it must have been extremely intelligent. But, the only problem with technology is how it advances, leaving old inventions in the dust. The Jackdaw was impressive, yes, just not as impressive as the newer airships.

Before he walked into the bar, Darrol was nearly knocked over by a girl running out. She tripped and fell before rising shakily with a bow clutched in her hands.Darrol walked over and helped steady her.

"Oi, ye gotta be more careful," Darrol said, trying to find out why she seemed familiar. The woman just stared for a second before running off toward the docks. That's right. She was a cook for the Jackdaw. Darrol hoped she would be ok. She had looked drunk...

Walking in, Darrol was greeted by a croud of laughing people. Except for a man toward the middle of the room, who wiped his eyes ferociously. Darrol just smiled and walked over to the man.

"Karn, Karn, Karn.... Will ye ever learn how to impress tha la'ies?" The man jerked his head around and stared at Darrol with red eyes. It really did look painful, but Darrol didn't care. Karn was very bad with women, so most of his punishments he deserved. The girl from the Jackdaw probably did this. What did Karn do, though?

"Bloody hell!" Karn exclaimed, ignoring his eyes and clasping Darrol in a friendly hug. "Bout time ya made it back, lad!" Darrol pulled away and placed the bag of Black Swamp Dragon skins on the table. "Nice!" Karn said as he looked at the skins. 

Darrol turned to leave, as he was still paying off the money he lost - which meant no pay - but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"I 'ave another task for ye, lad," Karn said smiling. "It involves that massive ship out there in th' docks...." 

The End

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