Slip up in Mandenport

Sage studied the bustling city, for a moment. It was far more industrialized than Galabria. It wasn't as quaint and prestigious, though it did hold an element of luster for her. Everyone seemed to be singing and enjoying themselves, free of any restraints. This never happened in her Empire.

The men of the Jackdaw wasted no time dispersing themselves amongst several of the many Taverns that sat on the dirt road. Awkwardly she veered off into a rustic bar, glad to have a moment to herself away from her friends and crew mates. A Bar maid eyed her suspiciously. She supposed she looked a little lost in this place. She was surrounded by a group of rowdy people. She had half a mind to shield her eyes. Women sat freely on the laps of drunks, who sloshed their drink about singing merrily in their drunken stupors. Carefully, she made her way to the bar.

“Can I help you?” The bartender asked.

Sage bit her lip, glancing at the people around her. What were they drinking? “Aye. I'll have a glass of your sweetest wine.”

The bartender grinned. He had only a few teeth, all of which were yellowed. He returned a moment later with a chipped glass cup. “Only our sweetest Wine for you Madam.” He said laughing maliciously. She tried not to recoil as he leaned over the counter handing her the drink. His breathing was distorted, his breath repugnant.

Cautiously she took the drink from him. Whatever it was, it wasn't sweet wine. People were eyeing her suspiciously, she noticed she had created a spectacle. Something the captain warned her not to do. Under their watchful eyes, she downed the drink. Definitely, not sweet wine, she decided. In fact it burned, but oddly she wanted another. She threw a coin down on the counter. The bartender smiled obligingly and brought her another drink, followed by another. She dismissed the fact, that she was depleting the money she was given to buy meat from the butcher. She shrugged it off, there would be time later to figure that part out.

She had never felt this free before. Her father rarely even permitted her to drink wine. She was giddy with excitement as the bartender brought her a fourth drink. “Cheers.” She said raising her glass to the onlookers.

“Cheers!!!” The crowd sang back. Before she knew it she was making new friends. She couldn't recall the exact details, as she sat at the bar between a curvy barmaiden and A stalking figure in chaps, who reeked of tobacco. She couldn't remember their names, but they were nice enough. The man let her wear his hat, and she didn't even feel foolish,conversing with people this way.

“ What did you say yer name was?” The redheaded barmaid asked.

“I didn't.” Sage hiccuped. The women was fiddling with her bow, and Sage didn't seem to mind.

“What is a little Lady like you doing with a bow?” She asked, toying with an arrow.

Even as the whiskey tore through her judgment. She knew enough to lie in this scenario. “It is my fathers.”

The women passed the bow on to the man with the chaps, as she draped herself over him. Sage tried to reach for her bow, but it seemed to be a blur that her fingers just couldn't grasp.

“Your father's eh?” The man said handling her bow. Sage didn't like the way he was groping it, sloshing his drink on the string. She tried again to grab for the bow, but the man held it out of reach.

“How much do you want for this?” He asked gruffly.

Sage thought of the empty satchel bag that was filled with coins earlier. She was in need money. However the rational part of her conscience screamed, No, don't do it. Frustrated she ran her hands over her face. Her nerves were tingling from the effects of the whiskey. The man held up a silver coin.

Sage shook her head. “No deal.” She said reaching for her bow. The man brushed the redhead off of him and stood up, he towered over her.

He positioned himself in a fighting stance. Sage reached over her shoulder for her bow, before remembering the man held it in his hands. She shook her head again, aggravated with herself for acting so daft in the first place. “My father is captain, of a lethal air...slip.” She threatened trying her best not to slur her words. The crowd roared with laughter. Who were these people? One minute they were her friends, the next they were trying to steal her possessions. Sage didn't like the way the man was leering at her. It made her feel weak. Usually she wasn't this naive. She met the gaze of the man's red rimmed eyes, while feeling for a drink on the counter.

“Fine.” Sage said. “I sur....render, the bow is yours.”

The man broke out into laughter again, he turned to face the crowd behind him. Sage took advantage of the moment, grabbing for a drink on the counter. She threw the glass at the man's face. He growled, dropping her bow to tend to his stinging eyes. She grabbed her bow, and bee lined for the door, pushing and shoving drunks out of the way. Promising herself to access the damage done to it, when she was safely aboard the Jackdaw.

The End

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