Dina: I help too

Dina leaned against the table, studying the maps again, as she tended to do. Though she was being enlisted by Sage to help around the kitchen more. Not that she minded, free food was always good. By looking at the recipe books with Sage she'd started to learn some of the words and letters and found herself better able to formulate sentences. Though any spare moment she got she would look at the maps. She'd riffled through the bookshelves and found other rolled up maps about each area, even more detailed than the world map. But today her musing got interrupted by the door opening.

“In here again then?” Leopold asked with a sign. The kind Dina had learnt didn't really mean he was exasperated with her, but more a pretend that he was. Dina found it curious how one action can mean so many things, but she had noticed he always made this sign when he found her in his office. But he'd never pushed her out or yelled. And when she asked Sage if he was mad at her over it Sage merely laughed at her ignorance before smiling at her. Another thing that confused Dina. When she was laughed at, it was by her dad when he was being cruel and mocking her. But then Sage sent her a genuine smile her, so she couldn't have meant it that way.

“Where are we going?” Dina asked, pausing once to check she was phasing the question correctly. He raised an eyebrow, noticing the improvement she hoped. He approached the table and rummaged through the various maps before pulling one on top.
“It's a small town called Masaire in the eastern regions of the known world,” He said, pointing towards the scrawled word. Dina mentally noted how the different letters stuck together would make the sort of word Leopold had pronounced before looking at the surrounding forests and quite some distance away a mountain rose up. She noticed that the nearest settlement was some distance away.
“Why are we go there?” Dina asked
“Going,” Leopold corrected and Dina glanced at her feet, feeling her hair slip from behind her ear to hide her embarrassed expression.

“And the people of the town need our help, someone or something is terrorising them,” Leopold explained and Dina glanced up quickly, eyes wide.
“Like how dad terrorized me?” She asked and she saw Leopold grow a little uncomfortable.
“No, but they could feel as scared as you did,” Leopold replied. Dina mulled this over, remembering what it had been like. She heard paper shuffling and saw that Leopold was tidying away the maps before sitting at his desk. Dina felt her lips quiver but made herself speak.

“I didn't like being scared, I help too!” She said more forcibly than she intended. The smile Leopold sent her told her he already suspected this fact.
“Then from what Drakmor has told me, you need to learn to fight,” He replied. Dina nodded vigorously. Determined to make the monsters go away for this town.
“Well, I guess you should go find someone on the crew who is willing to teach you,” He said then turned his attention to papers on his desk. Dina raced from the office, hell bent on a mission to find a fighting teacher.

The End

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