Darrol and Baron

The man now known as Darrol flew toward the now-flying ship, annoyed and tired. If he could make it there, he had a chance to get to the next town or city. It didn't really matter which, as Darrol only needed some fuel for his glider.

But this was ridiculous. He hadn't used his wings this much since the Red Cave Dragon Mark that he had done a few years back. It was exhausting, really. His back would ache for days, for sure.

He had almost caught up to the small airship when another banshee appeared before him. Annoying things, banshees. All they did was scream and scratch. Well, Darrol had killed enough to be annoyed at the sight of them, let alone their voices. 

Pulling his rifle, Darrol squeezed off a round into the banshees chest. It fell towards the sea. A group of them had headed toward the airship earlier. Yet, now they were nowhere to be found. It was a good thing Darrol had changed his image from Drake Goldstein. That man was wanted for money by several people. Hopefully none of those would be on this ship.

If they were, then Darrol would just rip the airship apart. It wouldn't be the first time he had done something similar...

Giving one more burst of speed, Darrol managed to make it to the flying structures deck. A man walked in front of him and gave him a glance and a smile. 

"S'cuse me, mate!" Darrol said to the passing man,"Which way to the captain of this ship's office?"

The man smiled again, looking like he had heard a good joke. "Headed there now," he said in an odd way. 

"Great," Darrol said, catching up and walking beside the man, "I'll just follow ye then, awright?" The man nodded and picked up the pace. How odd.

Darrol just followed suit and headed toward the captain's quarters with his odd companion. He needed a ride more than he wanted answers, anyway.

The End

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