The Barbarian

In the midst of the chaos the captain had disappeared behind the wheel of The Jackdaw. Soon the ship was abroad the air, where it belonged. Dina stood by Sage's side as she watched the two men fight the banshees together only to turn on each other afterwards. Her worries and concerns for Drakmor turned to annoyance once she realized he was fine only winded and tired from the fight.

Sage turned t o Dina, “Can you find Elekiel?”

She heard Drakmor moan in protest. He wasn't fond of Elekiel and the feeling was mutual. Drakmor's discontent was the least of her concerns right now.

“Yes.” Dina said before turning to fetch the elf doctor.

Sage turned her attention to Baron, he propped himself on his elbows. She fixed him with a stare as a slow smile spread over his face.

“Who are you?” She asked.

He wiped blood off of his face. “What no doctor for me?” He said dodging her question. Both Sage and Drakmor wore looks of discontempt towards him.

“Do you really think I would send aid for you barbarian?”

“It's Baron.” He grunted, “And why not I've saved your life, what is that twice now? Are you that stuck on yourself that you can't show gratitude governess?”

Sage felt heat rise to her face. He had a valid point, but there was something in his nature so crude, and self entitled that she couldn't thank or trust him.

He shook his head. “Never mind Siren, don't think to hard on it. I have business matters to tend to, and I can't be properly introduced to the captain, looking like this now can I?” He said motioning towards his dirty clothes. When he fought, he fought with such rigorous passion, that even Sage had to admire. Unfortunately that meant that his clothes were torn and appearance disheveled.

“The captain has seen worse, why does your impression on him have to be special?” She asked but it was too late Baron was already jumping from the suspended ship, disappearing, again.

The End

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