Limit Release

Drakmor cursed as the feminine creatures appeared in the air. The other man, still clutching the dagger in his side, didn't take his eyes off Drakmor. 

'Dammit,' Drakmor thought, 'How could I be matched by this clown?' 

And now these 'Banshees' interrupted the fight just when Drakmor had got a hit in. They needed to pay.

"So many" Dina said with a gasp behind him. Sage seemed speechless beside the small she-wolf and the Captain had started calling orders to the other crew members. The strange man pulled the knife from his side and glanced upward. 

Drakmor guessed he had no choice. He would end this fight quickly and leave most of the banshees to the rest of the crew.

"Sage!" Drakmor called back.

"Y.. Yes?" She said shakily. 

"Back up!"

She complied slowly, pulling the smaller Dina back with her. Drakmor waited til they were back a ways before beginning the process. 

"What is it that you're doing, I wonder?" the large man said.

Inside Drakmor, the mercury blood sped up, turning the mechanisms in his arm faster and faster. He was almost to his destination speed when a banshee dipped down to strike. 'Is this it?' Drakmor thought, not even trying to rush the process.

A sword penetrated the screaming creatures head and nailed it into the side of the Jackdaw. Baron lowered his arm and nodded with a large grin.

'Cocky, aren't we?' Drakmor thought. There. It was done. 

"Limit Release: Level 5!" Drakmor yelled then jumped forward at lightning speed. The other man didn't even have time to think before Drakmor's fist plunged into his gut. 

The man flew off the side of the Jackdaw, his face contorted with pain and surprise. Drakmor was horrified though. Nobody, Mounseiken included, had ever taken Drakmor 's fully powered punch and not been ripped into shreds. 

Drakmor shook it off. 'Gotta hurry.' He jumped toward the nearest banshee and plunged his leg through her gut. Pulling his gun, Drakmor shot off the 12 rounds in the clip, each round tearing off a banshees head. 

Pullin a few of his hidden knives, Drakmor threw them one by one, taking down some more of the she-beasts. A little time remained. Drakmor landed back on the Jackdaw and immediately grabbed the sword that still penetrated a dead banshee. It was long and curved. It was perfect. 

Drakmor jumped once more, this time aiming at a large cluster of Banshees that were battling with Fenlock. Drakmor swung the massive blade when he reached the first few banshees, cutting them in half. The sword came alive as more of the witches came to attack his flying figure. Drakmor cut them all down, one by one, until the majority of the banshees over Fenlock were dead or dying. 

Drakmor landed beside the other man, who still fought the remaining creatures, and collapsed. Drakmor's body felt like it had been hit with a ton of stones. He knew this would happen though. 

The only thought in Drakmor's mind as he lay motionless on the Jackdaws deck, however, was that man. Who was he? Drakmor stared at the blade in his hand, waiting for his strength to return to his body.

The End

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