The Brawl

“Dina have you seen my bow?” Sage asked throwing linens and fur pellets about the room.

Dina shook her head.

Sage pillaged through all of their possessions. She saw an annoyed look pass on Dina's face. Where was her bow? She had it just before....Just before she met Baron out on the deck.

“Oh no.” She sighed angrily kicking the bed bed post. Dina looked taken aback. Sage muttered an apology before storming out of the room. Dina followed closely on her heels.

Once they were out on the deck. Sage beckoned for the man. “Where are you scoundrel? What did you do with my bow?! I know you have it!”

“Looking for this?” Baron stood boldly on top of the ship's railing. Sage was impressed with his balancing ability but that was besides the point.

Dina let out an awed gasp as Baron hoped down from the rail. Sage gave her friend a sideways glance. Now was not the time for her to gawk in wonder at the man, in fact Sage would have much preferred Dina to turn into her wolf form.

Baron took a deep bow, and tried to introduce himself to Dina. “Hello my lady.”

Dina took a cautious step back. Sage stood forward and reached for her bow. “You are a thief. The captain would never keep such company in his crew.”

Baron scoffed. “No he'd only keep the company of unruly girls, Lycans and wild men who have potent powers.”

“ know...that?” Dina said struggling to form the words.

Baron laughed, ignoring the question. He knelt down in front of Dina. Sage noticed her hands ball into fists. She just might turn on him after all. Baron's next words came out soothingly, “I know lots of things Dina. I know what ails you, I know why your broken and I can help fix you.” He whispered.

“Enough!” Sage shouted stepping forward, “You are a liar, and you've overstayed your welcome.”

Baron stood up just as Drakmor landed on his feet in front of Sage. Sage shot him a curious glance. He must have been positioned on the roof waiting for the opportune time to strike.

“Ah, this must be the infamous Drakmor Vayr.” Baron cackled.

Drakmor raised his fists. Dina began to shake struggling to resist the change.

“Alright Vayr.” Baron drew his sword. Sage was worried this would be in Drakmor's disadvantage, but to her surprise he dropped it. It fell purposefully to the floor with a clatter.

“ No weapons, no powers. Pure physical strength.” Baron said raising his own fists.

“No, Drakmor,don't trust him!” Sage warned stepping between the two men. Drakmor gently pushed Sage to Dina. Dina's arms went around her. She was curiously strong for such a small girl.

Drakmor threw the first punch. Baron retaliated by kicking his leg out and tripping him. He landed roughly on the ground. Baron hovered over him.

Sage struggled to get out of Dina's grasp. “No, Drakmor get angry.” Dina whispered.

Sage relaxed a little bit. She was right. Drakmor would only get angry at Sage if she got in the way, but it was hard to see him  laying hurt on the floor. Baron kicked him hard. Drakmor turned his body from the blow. Sage shut her eyes, she couldn't watch.

Drakmor kicked his feet up gaining enough momentum to right himself into a standing position. Baron laughed as he lunged for his sword. Sage opened his eyes. “I knew you were a liar” She said.

“Get your weapon's Vayr, the rules have changed.”

Drakmor pulled out two daggers from his pocket. He lunged at Baron who stepped out of the way. “Are you going to slice my face to?” Baron asked.

Sage saw a look of shame pass over Drakmor's face. He lowered his weapons in response. “Drak?!” Sage screamed, as Baron charged at him with his sword. Drakmor made no motion to fight back. Was he giving up? For a moment she thought he really was, only when Baron came closer Drakmor threw one of the daggers strategically. It quickly looped in the air a couple times before it landed flawlessly in Baron's side. Baron screamed in agony. The door to the Jackdaw's interior swung open. Captain Briar stepped on the deck.

“What the blaze is going on?!” His voice boomed.

Baron steadied his breath as he pulled the dagger out of his leg. There was little blood even so Sage found it repulsive. “ Hi captain.”Baron smiled mischievously.

The captain stared long and hard at Baron. He was profiling him. Sage expected the captain to kick Baron off of the Jackdaw immediately. That was not the case. A sharp and shrill screech had them all averting their attention. A swarm of savage looking harlots floated in the air overhead.

“Banshees, take cover.” Captain Leopold ordered.

The End

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