Dina: To-Do List

Dina stirred, shifting the covers as she did. She opened her eyes to see pre-dawn light and closed them again. Then she reopened them as she realised Sage wasn't in the room. She sat up and saw one of her arrows lying on the floor near the wall. She also noted the indent on the wood panelling where it must've connected. She stood up quietly and reached for one the new soft jumpers Sage had given her. The air was still quite cold and she contemplated changing into trousers too but they proved cumbersome for her and she had a feeling time was of the essence. Her bare legs shivered against the pathetic cover of the nightgown as she tip-toed across the ships various corridors. She tried to remember the route outside and realised she was, without a doubt, lost in its bowls. She searched for any place she might recognise and approached a ajar door to see the map again. The room was empty and much warmed than Sage quarters.

Dina glanced at the shelves overstocked with books and grabbed one within reach but both the symbols on the front and within the book were foreign to her. Her father had certainly never considered letting her learn to read. Dina growled at herself as she tried to make some sense but couldn't. She wondered who would be up at this hour and willing to teach her how to understand it. Then she heard creaking outside and remembered her true purpose in waking up. She followed that sound and overheard voices. Sage's sounded very annoyed, but not threatened. Dina poked her head round the corner to see a tall, brutish man that she didn't recognise as one of the crew. He left, leaving sage to stare at where he was sourly. Dina could only assume the two didn't get on for some reason. She saw Sage go inside and turned to leave but saw a shadow of a figure moving to follow the man. She knew from his scent it was Drakmor and started to follow, only to baulk when she remembered they were on the water.

She glanced over the ships edge to see the waves, glimmering in the faint light. Dina had never learned to swim either and what memories she had with water involved her father throwing ice cold water on her. Regardless that she was fully clothed and wrapped her thin, crumpled blanket. Then he'd leave her like that, shivering until they dried in what air got into the little air. It was why she'd tried to run away when Sage was bathing her. But when she realised the water was warm she calmed down a bit. Not that she wanted to go through the experience again. She remembered Drakmors words and how she needed to learn to fight. It was starting to dawn on her she needed to learn a lot. She was struggling to understand what they were saying sometimes, but her ability to replicate the words in the right situations was improving a little.

But in her mind it wasn't enough. She wanted to read, to fight. At the time she didn't know why she wanted them, just that she did. And she had a feeling that in this place, those things wouldn't be denied. She returned to Sage's room to find her franticly searching the place, she let out a audible sign of relief when she saw her in the doorway, then her eyebrows grew serious.

“Don't disappear like that again!” She shouted, though not too loudly. The others on board wouldn't appreciated being woken at this early hour.
“You disappeared first,” Dina replied, stuttering a little as she remembered to add the -ed on the end. Sage shoke her head and pointed a hand towards the bed which Dina returned to. After some seconds of lying in silence Sage spoke.
“I'm sorry, I didn't think you'd wake,” She explained before letting out a little laugh.
“Well at least we both worry about each other,” She said. Dina had never had people worry about her safety and the emotions the thought brought about were new to her. She cried silently into the pillow, hoping Sage didn't notice and mistook them for unhappy tears.

The End

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