Drakmor walked along the top of the Jackdaw, looking toward the distant islands. They were small and insignificant in comparison to the rest of the world. Yet, they continued to exist, unchanged by all the movings of this strange world. It was amazing and pathetic.

Drakmor sighed. How could he think that creature was Valeria? It had told him to attack Sage. Val would never tell him that. His conscience had told him it was wrong, yet Drakmor had listened to the voice of that imitating creature.

How could Sage have brushed it off? He could have killed the girl. Yet, he had not and so she shrugged it off. 

"Damn," Drakmor said, his silver hair blowing in the cold breeze, "Why do I have to hurt people who have done nothing wrong?" 

"Because," a voice said behind him, "You are a monster." Drakmor didn't turn. He knew this voice. It was something he had grown use to.

"Why do you call me a monster, Great One?" Drakmor asked. 

"Because it is who you are," the soothing voice said, "but don't be afraid of it."

"Damn you!" Drakmor jerked around and faced the empty air behind him. The voice always taunted him, but it had never answered before. 

Looking outward, Drakmor faced the gusting wind. What would he do about that mysterious man that had attacked Sage?

After all, the man was aboard the Jackdaw.

The End

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