The man walked out from the small patch of woods. The island the man was on was very small. Sadly, that meant little game to be had.

'What a pity,' the man thought. He was annoyed. The man had been told a large group of Black Swamp Dragons had been heading this way. He was already behind on his payments to Harold. 'Eh, damnit.'

The man walked back to where his steam glider was. Brilliant device, it was. Using a high-powered steam engine, the cycle could fly at low altitudes. It had cost the man a pretty penny but turned out to be well worth it. Though the man was low on funds after buying the thing... 

Looking around as he walked toward the spot in which his ride was hidden, the man noticed something odd. Black lumps lay in the water a ways off. They looked like beasts of some sort. Maybe they would fetch a nice price? Then again, water creatures rarely sold well. Plus, it looked like the creatures, whatever they were, were already dead. 

'Damn poachers...,' the man thought pulling the cover off his cycle. He checked to make sure nothing had messed with it. Didn't need any- Wait... 

"Dammit to hell!" the man yelled when he saw the fuel gauge. It was almost empty. The man walked over, changing his arm into that of the manticore's, and punched a nearby tree. It ripped out of the ground and flew a few feet away. 

"I thought I filled up!" the man yelled again, punching another tree, "How could I get stranded on an island!?"

His rage calmed when the man looked to the sky. An older looking airship was descending downward. 'What luck!' the man thought excitingly. He fished into his glider's storage and pulled out a large brown jacket and hat, along with a length. He had to change his appearance, just in case it was someone who knew him.

Pulling his hair up, the man tied it back. He then put the jacket on, hiding his scarred arms and back. He wouldn't wear a shirt, though. That was too far, anyway. The man placed his hat on his head and then thought. Who should he be this time? 

"Ooh I got it!" the man said out loud, "I'll be Darrol Goldwynn this time. Haven't used that one since I was a kid anyway..." The man ignored the surfacing memories. Now wasn't the time.

Darrol Goldwynn covered his glider and headed to where the ship hit the water. Maybe they would be nice and give him a ride. If not...

Darrol flexed slightly. "Hehe..."

The End

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