Siren (continued)

“Drakmor, don't do it.” Sage grabbed his arm. He easily shook her off, and continued toward the women.

“Drakmor, whoever you think that is, it's not her. It's a siren. Sent to deceive and manipulate men into-”

She stopped talking when she realized Drakmor was in too much of a trance to listen. Quickly she grabbed for her bow.

“Drakmor, Behind you don't let her kill me.” The Siren pleaded.

Drakmor turned abruptly on Sage. “Put it down Sage.” His said in an icy voice.

“Move Drakmor!” Sage yelled, trying to get a good aim on the Siren.

“Get her!” The Siren yelled her voice gone savage with despair.

Before Sage could fix her aim Drakmor barreled into her knocking her hard into the sand. Her bow went reeling into the air. She was useless against, his weight that restrained her. Without warning he pulled a dagger from a sheath on his belt. Although he was clearly under the Siren's spell, conflict registered in his eyes. Sage used that towards her advantage.“Drakmor don't listen to her, that women is a monster.”, she shouted.

“No!' The siren shrieked “ Remember Drakmor if she thinks I'm a monster she thinks you are too!”

Sage shook her head. “I don't think your a monster.” She whispered as Drakmor's blade came closer to her face.

“She is right, to you people we are nothing more than monsters!” He yelled.

Sage turned her head, she had no idea who Valeria was or what Drakmor was talking about. She closed her eyes awaiting the piercing sting of the blade.

“Do it!” The siren demanded.

Sage opened her eyes once more. Drakmor still held the knife an arm's length away from her face. He was hesitating. Sage took that as an in. Without drawing attention to her free arm she skimmed the sand with her fingers. She hadn't found anything that she thought she could use in her defense, nothing. Except for a fragile seashell. She snapped the seashell in her fingers, breaking it into two sharp ragged pieces. She knew if used in the right way even the most fragile object could be used as a weapon. Quickly she took one of the pieces in her hand, and raised it as the dagger came close to her face. She felt the tip if the blade, pierce the skin on her cheek. A single drop of blood trailed down her jawline. She had to act now.

She quickly dug the piece of seashell into Drakmor's cheek. Giving him a cut parallel to her own. This seemed to break the Trance. He quickly rolled off of her. Not willing to meet her eyes.

Before Drakmor could fall Victim to the Siren's spell again, Sage ran for her bow. By now the creature had revealed it's true form. Sharp Jagged teeth and deep hollow holes where eyes were supposed to be.

The siren hissed at her, as she pulled the trigger. She hit her target in the chest, causing it to will away in ashes.

The End

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