Sage backed away cautiously and reloaded her bow with another arrow. The man stood watching her with a grin on his face. She had to admit he was handsome enough. It would almost be a tragedy to ruin his face. She lowered her bow, so the tip of the arrow was level with his chest.

He clicked his tongue, disapprovingly, if he was worried about being shot he hid it well. “Your forgetting that you are in my debt Siren.”

She squinted for a moment to make sure her aim was still on. “I'm not a siren, and I'm not a damsel in distress.” She informed him, wrapping her trigger, around the finger. She studied the man a moment longer. Why was she hesitating? She had the upper hand? And this man appeared to be a threat!

“Well when you kill me be sure to give me a proper burial. Maybe you would even be so kind as to bury me with a token of appreciation?”He mused.

Sage rolled her eyes, “I'll send a goat to your village.” She quipped.

The man still didn't look worried. Why was he not afraid of her, or her bow? He smiled, his gaze traveling behind her.

“Sage!” She heard a familiar voice call out. She hesitated once more at the sound of her name.

“Well farewell-Sage is it?” He laughed.

She pulled the crossbow's trigger, just as the man vanished, a wave carried the arrow away. At first Sage couldn't tear her gaze from the spot where the man stood. Was she ill? Had she imagined the whole encounter?

She glanced to the gigantic beast on her left. Proof that the man did indeed slay the dragon.

Before she could wrap her mind around the phantom. Drakmor appeared with her arrow in his hand.

“You dropped something.” He said handing her the arrow.

In her confusion, she forgot she was angry at him. “Drakmor,Did you see that man?”

“Aye.” Was all he said, starring intently into the distance. He to, seemed baffled over the stranger's sudden disappearance.

“We better get back to the ship before nightfall.”

Sage nodded following gingerly behind him. They made their way to shore. Sage took her wet boots off, so the weight of them wouldn't  slow her down. Drakmor offered her his dry jacket which she took obligingly. They walked a good distance along the shore, before stopping for a rest.

“I would have had him, had you not distracted me.”She said grumpily as they sat down in the sand.

“Excuse me for caring about one's welfare.” Drakmor added in his stoic voice. “I mean really Sage is it impossible for you to just admit that you needed assis-” He stopped short, as if he forgot what he was saying.

“Valeria?” He whispered.

“It's Sage.” She corrected wringing the water out of her hair.

“No, her.” He pointed to a figure in the distance. She was lovely. Her face beautiful and flawless. Long dark hair tumbled down her back. She beckoned for Drakmor to come to her.

Sage's eyes went wide, as she noticed something amiss. The water that surrounded his Valeria was black and motionless. In the stories her mother told her as a child, the still black water often signified a Siren. One thing was clear this was not whoever Drakmor thought it was.

The End

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