Leopold Briar - Black Swamp Dragons II

Leopold rushed out from the Captains' quarters. A simple plan had formed in his mind - simple because the captain's thoughts were not of planning, but recollecting. What was it about Black Swamp Dragons? he had pondered. More specifically, what would lead low-flying carrion-hunters to take to the sky and attack a much larger prey? Not for meat, surely. Even they would know their opponent was mostly wood and metal.

Then he remembered one thing about Black Swamp Dragons - that they always follow a leader. When that leader was simply the alpha-male of the pack, which it nearly always was, their behaviour was nothing out of the ordinary. That was when he recollected that distant lesson, from the days even before he began his Airship training.

"The Doppelwisp, or Midnight Marsh Dragon" (professor Dipplesworth's slow, wheezy tones came back to Leopold, a nearby board pinned with two illustrations of two very similar species of dragon), "is, from outward appearance, so closely related to its cousin, the Black Swamp Dragon, that for a long time they were thought to be different-shaped members of the same genus. In nature, however, they could not be more different. While the Black Swamp Dragon is simple, small and short-necked of appearance, the Doppelwisp, as you can see, has a clearly sleeker, longer neck, and can grow to much larger sizes. It is also far more intelligent. Some can learn human tongues, while many have been known to kill the heads of packs of Black Swamp Dragons, take their place, and lead the remaining pack into situations their natural instinct would have led them otherwise to avoid."


I'm actually ill right now and it's kind of hard to concentrate. I'm going to summarise the rest of this chapter, go lie down, and finish it off tomorrow. Hope things are going well with everyone!

Rest of the chapter: Leopold gets people organised, and they figure out which one is the Midnight Marsh Dragon and harpoon it out of the sky. Immediately afterwards, he runs into Dina, and figures out what happened to Sage and Drakmor. He then orders the ship to descend. He also muses somewhere on where the dragons came from. 

The End

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